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Enrick's Public House
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Gold Coast
Crafting Stations
  • ON-icon-Cooking Station.png Cooking Fire
Enrick's Public House

Enrick's Public House is one of two inns in Anvil. It is located in the western part of town, opposite the Gold Coast Trading Company office. While the inn appears to be a two-story building from the outside, the building appears to only be one-story inside. A cooking fire can be found in the back of the tavern, across from the entrance. There can be a safebox behind the bar and a copy of the book The Wolf and the Pirate Queen is on a table to the back left. Immediately outside the tavern is the Anvil bounty board.

A young mountain lion, Sticky-Paws, lies on the bar while Crafty Lerisa's monkey, Howler, plays on a chair if Pious Intervention has been completed.

Vendors and Patrons[edit]

* Presence of this NPC at this location depends on the choices you made during the related quest.