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Anya Lateur
Home City Anvil
Location Enrick's Public House
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Anya Lateur

Anya Lateur is a Breton barmistress who lives in Anvil and works behind the bar at Enrick's Public House. She is the wife of Enrick Lateur.

Related Quests[edit]


Meeting for the first time, she'll greet you with:

"Welcome to the finest tavern on the Gold Coast! We know how to show a visitor a good time, you can bet your boat on that!"

Honest Work[edit]

If you are in pursuit of work for Kireth, you can ask:

Do you need some help around here? I know a barmaid that would be perfect for this place.
"If you're talking about that Dark Elf, she's a terrible serving wench!
Sailors with broken fingers can't raise mugs, and sailors without mugs can't drink. Any barmaid who can't handle a little friendly attention has no place in my establishment."
Is there any way I can convince you to give her another chance?
"You'd have to compensate me for the lost business. How about this?
I'm out of the petals I use to create an expensive drink for my more affluent customers. Bring me a wyrd blossom from the Garlas Malatar ruins and I'll give Kireth another chance."
All right, I'll bring you a wyrd blossom.
"For some reason, the wyrd flower only grows in Ayleid ruins. The nearest one is Garlas Malatar.
Get me a blossom from that flower and the saucy Dark Elf can work here as long as she likes."
Never mind. I'll inquire elsewhere.
<Ends conversation>

If you agree to fetch the ingrediant and return with it, she'll ask:

"Did you have any luck? Were you able to gather a blossom from a wyrd flower?"
Here's the wyrd blossom you wanted. Can Kireth return to work now?
"I'm a woman of my word, friend. With the profits from these petals, I'll easily recoup the cost of having that Dark Elf drive away a few groping customers.
She starts tonight. Make sure she isn't late."
I'll make sure she's here for work.
"I told you I'd hire the crazy Dark Elf. Now go away and let me get back to work."

After the quest, she'll say:

"If you have any other friends who need employment, I suggest they try their luck in Kvatch."
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