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Captain Kaleen
Home City Port Hunding
Location Alik'r Desert, Betnikh, Carzog's Demise, Daggerfall, Rivenspire, Sentinel, Shornhelm, Stonetooth Fortress, Stormhaven, Wayrest
Ship The Spearhead
Race Redguard Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Daggerfall Covenant
Captain Kaleen

Captain Kaleen is a Redguard captain of The Spearhead. After the Daggerfall Covenant was formed, she insisted upon no longer looting Breton ships, and her crew mutinied against her, leaving her with only a few loyal sailors afterward. She will ask for aid in several quests, including recruiting additional crew members, and can initially be found in Port Hunding. She reveres King Fahara'jad and supports the Daggerfall Covenant at all cost. This leads her to have a skewed morality and makes others dislike her. Even her own mentor thinks she has lost her way at the end of Carzog's Demise.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Broken Spearhead[edit]

As you approach her location on the docks, you'll hear her and Lambur arguing:

Lambur : "I'm sick of this island, Kaleen. I should be in Betnikh, visiting my people."
Captain Kaleen : "Think, Lambur. How will we get there without a crew?"

Speak to her and she'll say:

"Look at that, Lambur! Our half-drowned friend is up and about. We weren't sure you'd make it."
You saved me?
"Really, I just fished you out of the water. Master Kasan got you breathing again. The important thing is you're alive.
But if you're feeling grateful … I could use some help."
Help with what?
"A job. Anyone who helps is going to get rich. Right now I need a fresh face, someone this island's butcher-in-charge, Headman Bhosek, doesn't know and won't stop.
Basically, you recruit the folks I need, you get a cut of the take. Interested?/So, what do you say?"
All right. I'll help you./Who am I after?
"The three folks I need are Crafty Lerisa, Jakarn, and Neramo. Any or all of them would do."
Tell me about Jakarn.
"He's a thief, but he's the best there is. He'd be a big help in the heist I have planned.
Problem is, he robbed Bhosek. Nobody robs Bhosek. He's been tossed into the Grave, under Bhosek's palace."
I'll look for Jakarn. How do I get to him?
"There's an entrance off the river, under the palace. Watch out for traps and the other prisoners. They're all murderers down there, the worst scum on the island.
That's the Grave. You can leave any time you want, if you can get out alive."
Who runs Stros M'Kai?
"Bloody Bhosek, or Headman Bhosek, as he calls himself now. He took over the palace years ago. Killed the old ruler and took his place."
Doesn't anyone stand up to him?
"Captain Helane, but she's worse than Bhosek. Her Sea Drakes run Saintsport south of here. Biggest band of murderers on the seas.
Bhosek and Helane tolerate each other. Neither's ready for a war, yet."
Where can I get a drink around here?
"The Screaming Mermaid's just up the road, and they've always got good rum. Just keep a grip on your coinpurse, or you'll be a beggar by day's end."
Anyone I should watch out for?
"Bhosek's thugs, the Bloody Fists. Cross one, you cross them all, and Bhosek will have your head on a pike faster than you can say, "Please don't put my head on a pike!"
Also, the Sea Drakes will gut you if you enter Saintsport."
Where's the rest of your crew?
"Deserted, the traitors. See, there's a fortune to be made from Breton galleons. Thing is, King Fahara'jad called for an end to it, now that we're all part of the Daggerfall Covenant.
Of course, as a loyal Redguard, I obeyed."
Who is King Fahara'jad?
"Ruler of the Redguard people, now king among equals in the Daggerfall Covenant.
King Fahara'jad would have us raid the ships of our enemies, not our allies. There is wisdom in that."
And your crew disagreed?/Did your crew disagree?
"If by "disagreed" you mean "tried to kill us" then yes. Bunch of bloody mutineers.
Lambur, myself, and a few others ran them off the ship, but word spread. No one here wants to sail with a captain who won't raid Bretons."
I'd like to hear more about Neramo.
Who's Crafty Lerisa?
No thanks.
"Don't blame you for being cautious. Just think it over. You change your mind or want a chance to get off this wretched island, you know where to find me."

On to Glenumbra[edit]

You must consult with Captain Kaleen aboard her ship for passage to Glenumbra.

If you sided against her in the previous quest, she greets you with, "I swore never to sail with you again. But Chief Tazgol has asked me to sail you to Glenumbra, which I will do." Say you need her to take you to Daggerfall, and she replies, "Only out of respect for the chief and for the good of the alliance, not for you. Are you ready to go?" Upon arrival, the captain will announce, "We've arrived. Welcome to Daggerfall." If spoken to again, she will brush you off: "We're here, in Daggerfall. Now get off my boat."

If you sided with her in the previous quest, she instead greets you with, "I commend you again on choosing to keep the relic for the Covenant. But Chief Tazgol tells me we must hasten to Glenumbra." Telling her that you carry Tazgol's official petition for joining the Daggerfall Covenant, she replies, "The Spearhead is set to sail. Are you ready?" Upon arrival, the captain will announce, "We've arrived. Welcome to Daggerfall." If spoken to again, she will appreciatively remark, "I know that many aren't happy you kept the relic, but you made the right decision. If you're ever in trouble, you can call on my blade. I hope we get the chance to sail together again, my friend."



Kaleen can be found aboard her ship in Wayrest. Her dialogue depends on the decision made about the Carzog's Demise Relic. If the relic was destroyed:

"Well. What are you doing on my boat?"
I wanted to see how the crew was doing?
"We're sailing for the Daggerfall Covenant now. Privateering is as profitable as ever, except now we're splitting the skulls of Elves as well. Lambur and her lot have all left, probably for the better."
So she's started her own crew?
"Hardly. She couldn't raise enough money to buy her own ship. I offered to help, but she took that as an insult. I guess eight years of sailing together doesn't mean so much."
You must understand why the relic had to be destroyed.
"I understand that the Aldmeri Dominion sacked Farwatch in Glenumbra, and we couldn't stop them. I understand they've sunk dozens of our ships in cowardly assaults.
With that relic, we could have stopped those attacks."
It still doesn't justify using something so evil.
"Tell that to Nicolene. her brothers died when the Elves assaulted Daggerfall. We repelled them, but hundreds died. The Elves and their mad queen are chewing us up everywhere you look.
You should probably leave before I hurt you."
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