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Iribia, Linia and Porcia, the Blackcaster mage trio, in front of the body of a Foundation Stone Atronach in Balamath

The Blackcaster Mages Guild is a rogue group of mages who rule the city of Elinhir. They are led by Archmage Yamanu-ko, and have been corrupted by the Serpent's influence. Blackcasters can also be found at Balamath.


Named Members
Archmage Yamanu-ko (leader)
Avys Areleth
Fire Mage Linia
Frost Mage Porcia
Leta Doniticus
Minerva Lauzon
Storm Mage Iribia
Generic Members:
Blackcaster Battlemage
Blackcaster Cryomancer
Blackcaster Illusionist
Blackcaster Invoker
Blackcaster Mender
Blackcaster Storm Mage


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