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Location Maw of Lorkhaj
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Twilight Cantors

Adara'hai is a Khajiit of the Twilight Cantors found at the entrance of the Maw of Lorkhaj. She asks for your help defeating Kulan-dro‎, who has been affected by the Bent Dance.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Into the Maw[edit]

Starting the Quest[edit]

When you speak to her the first time, she will answer:

"Ra'ham! Bisi'ja hala va―Oh. I am sorry. Adara'hai thought you were someone else. You have caught us at a... delicate time. Forgive me."
What's going on here?
"There is a sickness here. Namiira's dark litter, the dro-m'Athra, have taken the temple. These are the only survivors. Most are half-mad. It's the Zha'ja Lorkhaj―the Bent Dance. The rhythm beats the mind like a kettle drum. Difficult to watch, yes?"
What can I do?
"You will lend a claw? Moons bless you, walker.
The only way to drive out the dro-m'Athra is to sanctify the seals scattered throughout the temple. It is a long walk, full of bent cats. But if you clear the way, I can sing the beasts back to Lorkhaj."
Fair enough. I'll escort you to the summit so we can drive out the dro-m'Athra.
"We must move quickly, yes? The dro-m'Athra have a powerful ally in the temple's abbot, Kulan-dro. He is bent past breaking, but he knows this place better than any cat alive. There will be no stopping him if we do not act soon."
Who are you?
"Adara'hai, of the Twilight Cantors. And you?"
I am (character name inserted here).
(Default circumstance) "Adara'hai is thinking she should know you, but the name does not ring any chimes. Forgive me. We Twilight Cantors spend most days sleeping. We miss a great deal.
This one would sing you the welcome song if she could, but it is still too dangerous."
(If the main quest has been completed) "Ah yes. Adara'hai has heard of you. My sister sang you an aria when news of Molag Bal's failure came to our temple. It was a cool Pahmar night―perfect weather for a hero's song. This one would hum you a few bars, but it's still too dangerous."
How could singing a song be dangerous?
"It seems silly, yes?
We have to be very careful when dro-m'Athra are near. Namiira's eyes are fixed on us. She is looking for unlocked doors to our hearts―rattling the hinges, you see? Hold an honest note for too long and she'll snatch you up."
So you're a professional musician?
"Professional? No, my heart, it is nothing so cold. This is a vocation. To be a Cantor is to live a life of wine and prayer―full of dozing and bathing and joyful music.
Beauty is too great a thing to be caged by profession, no?"
So what brought you here?
"Mm. Duty brought Adara'hai here.
When dro-m'Athra pounce, we Cantors are called to sing them back to the void. The price of beauty is horror, you see? Var var var."
Tell me about Abbot Kulan-dro.
"He is... was a lesser Moon Bishop. A sour cat with a heart made of flint and lemon-peel. This one is not surprised that he heard Namiira's music. Cats like that are perfect prey for the dro-m'Athra."
What are the dro-m'Athra exactly?
"Bent spirits. Moon-haters. The children of the Daedric shadow-lady Namiira that dance in the Dark Behind the World. We rarely speak of them. Raises the hackles, you know?
They are our dark reflection. Seductive, powerful, and very, very dangerous."
What can you tell me about this temple?
"It is called the Temple of Seven Riddles―home to the Doubting Monks Or at least it was.
It is a holy place, but not a good place."
How so?
"The Clan Mothers say they built the temple too tall. Khajiit aren't meant to stand so close to the Ja-Kha'jay before the dead-climb. Pilgrims who come here can see the Bright Moons, yes. But some can see the Ghost Moon too. Lorkhaj."
And you think that's the cause of the corruption?
"It could be. The dro-m'Athra have emerged here before. Something about this place draws them out―if not Lorkhaj, then petty greed. Or lust. Who can say?
The seals were supposed to keep them at bay, but it seems that Kulan-dro dunged them up."

Conversations within the Maw[edit]

At the first chamber:

Adara'hai: "Ziss ra'ham! This one feels Namiira's eyes on us already. The Lost Cats are nearby. Be wary."
Kulan-dro: "Ah―the Twilight Cantor arrives at last. And you brought allies! What a welcome surprise."
Adara'hai: "Shut your ears, friends. His words are poison!"
Kulan-dro: ""Friends?" Oh, come now. Friendship is for dogs and children. You are warriors, yes? And warriors deal in a single currency: power."
Adara'hai: (Begins singing and casting a spell to close a portal)
Kulan-dro: "And so, the yowling begins... I had hoped to avoid this farce, but I see now that it's inevitable. Sing, Cantor. Sing your throat dry. When you rasp out that last verse, I'll be waiting."
Adara'hai: "He is gone. Moons be praised. You will keep moving, yes? This one will follow as soon as she can."

During the intro to Zhaj'hassa the Forgotten:

  • Adara'hai: "There! The second seal. Wait ..."
  • Adara'hai: "This one is still alive! Ease your mind, brother. Adara'hai will—"
  • Mirarro: "Don't …. It's … trap. He's coming!"
  • Zhaj'hassa: "Nura-jhahul! Mine is the crown of ash and shadow. Kneel..."
  • Adara'hai: "Oh no …. Take cover!"
  • Zhaj'hassa: "Or die!"

When the portal in the Riddle'Thar Stone Garden is being cleansed:

Adara'hai: "Zhaj'hassa... He was once a great king of cats. Now...? What a waste."
Kulan-dro: "She's right you know. Zhaj'hassa was a ruler without peer―lord of a shining kingdom. It was Namiira who gave him this. Name your hearts' desire, warriors, and I will see that you have it!"
Adara'hai: "Silence, at last... Go on. This one just... just needs a moment."
Kulan-dro: "One of your companions will turn on you. I know because they told me so. Friendship is an illusion. A cruel joke. Let it go."

When the portal outside the High Lunarium is being cleansed:

Adara'hai: "This is... this is the last one, yes? Yes. Just a bit farther..."
Kulan-dro: "Your songs are powerless, Cantor. Do you hear me? Like the chirping of crickets in a howling tempest! Listen to me, cat! Listen to me!"
Adara'hai: "These seals... they are not enough. We must go to the High Lunarium. It is just a bit farther. Lead on, walker..."
Adara'hai: "Kulan-dro is just beyond this door. I can feel it. The drums... the drums are rattling my teeth."
Adara'hai heals the damage done by Rakkhat

Within the High Lunarium:

Adara'hai: "We must be quick, yes? Adara'hai will do what she can to protect you, but this dro-m'Athra is stronger than any I have faced before. Bright Moons protect you."
Kulan-dro: "If you value your pathetic mortal lives, you'll turn back now. You have been warned."
Adara'hai: "Jone's mercy... Kulan-dro, what's happened to you? Kulan-dro!"
Kulan-dro: "Have you not heard me? Have I not made your choice plain? You will listen, mortals... even if it means peeling the ears from your scalps and shouting Namiira's will into whatever's left of your broken skulls!"
Adara'hai: "We've drawn out the beast! Courage, friends!"
Rakkhat: "Ruin, pain, and shadow! Die, fools! Die!"


After defeating Rakkhat, she will wish to take a break from her work at the Maw:

"This one thinks she could use a drink of water …."
And after that?
"This one will sing at a wedding, perhaps. Or a naming? Something joyful and clean. There is a shrine north of Senchal—a very fine place with white sandy beaches and cool breezes off the Topal Sea. I will start there. And after that? Who can say?"
And what of this place?
"Adara'hai will leave that to the Mane and the Torval Curiata. This one fears that she's already stayed too long …."
You are going to be all right?
"You are kind to ask. Yes, this one will manage. There are no wounds that song and prayer cannot mend. Soon this one will swim in warm seas and sing the kha'jay sahaalas under the Tojay moons. All will be well.
Take care of yourself, walker."

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Celestial Purge Synergy


  • Some of the words said by her are in Ta'agra, the native Khajiiti language.
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