Oblivion:Sercen Camp

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Sercen Camp
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Console Location Code(s)
Nibenay Basin
South of Cheydinhal, between Fort Naso and Fort Facian
Sercen Camp

Sercen Camp is a tiny campsite south of Cheydinhal containing a bandit.

The name of this small camp suggests some kind of connection with the Ayleid ruin of Sercen north of the Imperial City, but the camp's location in the wilderness of the Nibenay Basin suggests the name is merely coincidental. After disposing of the sole bandit inhabitant, the primary feature of the camp is the Ayleid Well just up the hill to the north. Sercen Camp is barebones and very small, with only one tent and a bedroll along with an unlit campfire with a stool and a plate. A few colorful flowers light up the camp, including two Flax plants and three Lady's Smock plants.


  • 1 Campsite Bandit (50% probability melee Bandit, 25% archer Bandit, 12.5% Bandit Hedge Wizard, 12.5% dog)


  • 1 bedroll