Oblivion:Humilis Nonius

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Humilis Nonius
(RefID: 00054398)
Home City Bruma
Location Wildeye Stables
Race Imperial Gender Male
Level 4 Class Commoner
RefID 00054398 BaseID 0003C97A
Other Information
Health 53 Magicka 110
Responsibility 100 Aggression 5
Faction(s) Bruma Stables; Bruma Citizens
Humilis Nonius

Humilis Nonius is an Imperial commoner who takes care of the horses at Wildeye Stables outside Bruma. If you want to buy one, talk to his employer Petrine.

A newcomer from the Heartlands, Humilis takes pride in working hard for a living, with only very little spare time. His bed is located in the northeastern corner of the Wildeye Stables, and he sleeps there every night between 10pm and 6am. After waking up, he heads outside for a breath of fresh air before his workday begins at 8am. At that time, he starts raking the ground inside the pen. He stops at noon and sits down at the bench to enjoy his lunch. He gets up again at 2pm and spends the afternoon wandering around outside, always on the lookout for potential customers. At 6pm, he once again sits down on the bench in the pen, this time to enjoy his dinner for two hours. With the stables closed and not much to do, he just loiters lazily around outside, until he finally calls it a day at 10pm. The one exception to this schedule occurs after Petrine sells you a horse. When this happens, Humilis will stand next to the horse until you mount it, before resuming his usual routine.

Humilis wields an iron war axe and wears a mix of lower and middle-class clothing consisting of a brown shirt with a pair of huntsman leather pants and matching moccasins. He carries around a small amount of gold, a small amount of food, and his rake.

When you approach him, he will point you towards Petrine with the words: "Go inside and talk to Petrine if you want to buy a horse. I can't help you." When asked about Bruma, he will give you a bit of background information: "I'm new here in Bruma myself. I'm from down Heartland way. Nords up here... no offense...don't work as hard as us Imperial Heartlanders." If you purchase a horse from Petrine she will tell you: "Humilis will have your new Paint horse saddled and ready for you outside". Indeed, Humilis will wait outside with your new Paint Horse. When he sees you he will comment: "He's been fed and well rested for you." If you manage to speak with him before hearing this comment (see bugs) he will instead say: "He's not much to look at, but you won't find a better bargain in Cyrodiil. Take good care of him."


  • Another, more friendly greeting was recorded for Humilis but will never be heard in-game due to his stable dialogue taking precedence: "Humilis Nonius. Wildeye Stables can board your horse, or sell you one, if you like."


  • Due to an odd script, only one of Humilis' two post-purchase dialogue lines can be heard, and only once.