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A Spider Daedra

Spider Daedra (also called Perthan)[1] are semi-intelligent Daedra who appear as giant spiders with human torsos, and are associated with Mephala.[2][3]

They are so unruly and irrational that not even Mephala's worshippers will often summon them, for fear that they will disobey orders.[3] They are unstable, oversexed, overstimulated, excitable, high strung, and keeping them focused and on-topic in conversation is a difficult task.[4] They are some of the more powerful Daedra, with formidable melee and spellcasting ability. They can summon Spiderlings to aid them in battle. Cocoons are created by them to ensnare mortals and are so resilient that they can only be broken from the outside.

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