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Random Comment via Your Bio[edit]

I read your bio because I'm weird, have no life, and haunt the Recent Changes page. Anyways, I noticed that you say that you were on an episode of Tosh.O which is really freaking cool to me because Comedy Central is about all I watch as a college student. :p Do you mind if I ask which episode? Or would that be revealing too much about the lady behind the screen? Hahaha, anyways, enjoy the wiki! It's a great place to find anything TES! :) •WoahBro►talk 04:19, 17 September 2013 (GMT)

No worries about the "weirdness," I basically wrote the bio because I am the same type of person, that is to say, I'm weird, love to have new things to read, and like to know something about the people behind the screen, at least the ones I have regular or semi-regular conversations with. As for the Tosh episode, I'm not sure what the episode number was or if it had a title, but my husband (who was my fiancee at the time) is/was YouTube User "DemoniusX" and "TheRealDemoniusX" (there are or were actually some fake DX accounts out there for a while), and it was his videos that ended up getting us interviewed on Tosh. I'm afraid that his videos make him look like a misanthropic, misogynistic monster. Fortunately, he is not at all the person in real life that he is online.
At the time we went on Tosh, my husband was in a rather nasty feud with the "FYAD Goons," a group of forum users over at, and I think that is what got the attention of the show. Ironically, it was my own SA forum membership, and the feud, that "introduced" me to my husband, and we have been together 8 years now and married almost 3. If you happen to have an SA account yourself, you can read the history of the feud, as well as the history of our relationship from their perspective, by searching their archives for "DemoniusX." There is also a link to the Tosh footage there somewhere. Otherwise, I think you can find it by searching Google for "DemoniusX on Tosh." The appearance doesn't particularly make us look all that good, but the show did a lot of editing and twisting the interview for the sake of comedy. That's to be expected, though. Its a comedy show, not a news show. The appearance fee we received ended up paying for most of our wedding, so that was a plus, and the whole thing proved I can still laugh at myself, so I don't regret it. KeturahIshtari (talk) 07:16, 17 September 2013 (GMT)
AWW NOOO WAYYY! I have seen that episode! Not a surprise they twisted things around for the sake of comedy, but oh well. That's neat that it paid for your wedding and all haha. My props to you both for being good sports :p •WoahBro►talk 13:38, 17 September 2013 (GMT)
LOL, so you've seen me on TV. When the episode first aired, DX and I actually got recognized in public occasionally. It was...bizarre, actually. I'm normally a pretty private person, and the recognition was definitely as close as I ever want to get to being famous. As for the show "taking liberties" with what we actually were asked and replied, yeah we totally expected it. Daniel Tosh was actually super polite when he interviewed us, he was absolutely nothing like he is on the show or in his stand up specials. He actually spent most of his interview with me holding his dog, and we chatted about that because we both own shih tzus. His producer was also super nice and actually gave us some advance warning that the interviews would most likely be heavily edited to make it look like Daniel was being much ruder and more sarcastic than he was with us. I was still a little bit surprised at how"TV magic" works, and how the answers to seemingly innocent questions could be made to fit so well with much less nicer ones, but like I said, I don't regret a thing. I will admit I don't ever watch the episode anymore, but that is more because the YouTube clip of DX's that they play before the interview still makes me cringe. The interview itself, not so much. KeturahIshtari (talk) 15:26, 17 September 2013 (GMT)