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Personal Life

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Still in highschool, my talents as a gamer and a programmer make me stand out amongst my peers. My ego is also of astronomical proportions, and it shows.

As a gamer, I am most fond of the PC, making it a point to shun the lesser beings known as "console gamers." That is not to say I shun consoles altogether; on the contrary, I do a bit of console playing, myself. Some amazing games like Metroid Prime demand that I play a console, so I'm willing to do so for the greater good.

The XBawks and Me

The easiest achievement to get

Let me get this straight -- I hate the Xbox. No console in history has a greater track record for being unreliable than Microsoft's crappy game console, and yet it still manages to sell. Why, you might ask? The reason is simple; Halo. Instead of dieing a natural and well-deserved death, the Xbox lives on due to the existence of an over-rated, mediocre game that has generated tremendous revenue for Microsoft. Don't get me wrong, Halo is an okay game, but that's all it is -- okay. Everything it does has been done before and better. Its only selling point has apparently been the fact that Xbox gamers never experienced anything good on their system until that point, but PC gamers, on the other hand, have been spoiled with greatness from the beginning and were not fooled by its innocent charm (hence the lower scores for reviews of the PC version).

This establishes three things of the gaming world I would like to see disappear: Xbox, Halo, and retards.

Things I'm Proud Of

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