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Hi and welcome to my page! I've been using the wiki for a while now (quest guides, where to find items, ect.), so, I figured I would make an account!

My Characters[edit]

So far, I only have 2 characters: a level 32 Wood-Elf, and a level 2 Argonian. My wood elf is currently the head of every faction and has done around 170 quests, along with doing the Knights of the Nine & the Shivering Isles. My argonian, however, is a noob who just escaped from the sewers.

The Bosmer

Level: 32

Class: Custom (Major Skills: Conjuration, Alteration, Marksman, Destruction, Restoration, Alchemy, Sneak Favored Attributes: Intelligence & Willpower)

Highest Skills: Alteration (100), Alchemy (95), Conjuration (100), Light Armor (95), Destruction (100)

Highest Attributes: Intelligence, Agility, & Speed (all 100)

Fame: 105

Infamy: 32

Most Used Glitches: Duplication (skull of corruption & scrolls), Permanent Bound Item

Name: Jonas

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