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This is my page. I am a big fan of Oblivion so I will be doing most of my stuff on that section of this website. I have named myself after a smart television character from the 1980s, for those of you who don't know. On Oblivion I am a hunter so I know how to hunt deer pretty well, I could say. I am a wood elf. My character also lives in Vilverin an Aylied Ruin, and has a Daedric Bow! Guess I owe it all to console commands!

255 Marksman skill is as high as you can go, and that's about how much my Wood Elf character has. It's a great cheat: just type in "advskill marksman 30", if you want that skill to go up by thirty. The most you can do is 255.

My favorite Oblivion character is Aldos Othran, because his "Cliff Racer Song" is so funny. Sometimes I just go to Cheydinhal and hang around, listening to him sing it. It never gets old! I also like his dialog: "Who... wha... are you... time is it? Hic." There is just something hilarious about that!

I also like to go to Daedric Shrines and listen to the people there talk. They often have some completely random and weird things to say! My favorite is Meridia's Shrine.