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Misinterpreting the Elder Scrolls since 2006.

About me


cbh—my initials, nothing more exciting. It's in lower-case because it's more stylish or something. Also known as Vometia when she's having an identity crisis, which is often.


Vaguely human, though my ancestry seems to predominantly involve brown ale and curry.


Here, where else?

Stuff I'm doing

Ostensibly a new Oblivion installation, but I seem to have got slightly carried away with fixing stuff up to the point where I wonder if it'll ever be ready to play: two months and running so far, which strikes me as not the quickest game installation ever. Anybody would think I'm still loading stuff off audio cassette.

Essential NPCs

Apparently many players like to remove the essential flag from as many NPCs as possible for added "realism". Not me: I find Oblivion far less busy than I'd prefer at the best of times, and it's depressing when I keep finding people turning up dead. Eventually making it to the Kvatch camp at level 17 (yeah, I know...) and only finding two survivors wasn't a happy experience, so after going through UESP's list of people and fiddling with resurrect/setessential I decided "something must be done". Seemed an easy enough idea, use one of the various plugin editors to create overrides for the NPCs in question, and...

Ah. Looks like the only way is to do them one by one in CS, and I'm not doing that. In the end I wrote a horrible bit of C using the information kindly provided here about the file format to automate the process once provided with a list. Even seems to work, astonishingly. I'm also quite pleased with its ugly syntax:

set npc.flags=(essential, respawn) (plugin.esp."NPC name", ...)

Not that it actually does anything else, as it might imply, but it may do eventually. Only works on Unix, though, but I wouldn't necessarily encourage the use of some spaghetti-like code I wrote over several nights in a semi-awake state.

Various other stuff

Mucking about with other people's mods, either compatibility patches or adding other bits and pieces, but I haven't asked if it's okay to either modify their stuff or talk about what they're doing yet, so any description will have to wait until I do...

And finally! something of my own, albeit not my own idea: taking inspiration from City Life via someone's helpful suggestion, Castle Life is starting to come together. Dunno if it'll ever progress beyond a WIP, but y'know...