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Current Gripes[edit]

Oblivion vs. Morrowind[edit]

Since we're at about the fifth anniversary of seeing unfavourable remarks about Oblivion as compared to Morrowind which are still a daily occurrence in some parts, I figure I should propose Mudcrab's Law:

As an online discussion regarding Oblivion grows longer, the probability of a negative comparison to Morrowind approaches 1.

With apologies to Mike Godwin, contributor of Godwin's Law. :D

My English Is Better Than Your English[edit]

Random hate of the day; well, more of a perennial one, really: editors who contribute nothing except changing spellings to American English. Some people seem to be utterly obsessed with doing this. Why?! God, it's irritating.


This piece of bad advice must also have surely celebrated its fifth anniversary by now and it's still going strong. Don't use it with named NPCs! Really, don't do it, it has the potential to cause all sorts of embuggerence. Anything that uses the original's reference ID e.g. quests, scripts, dialogue, you name it, it's not going to work properly. That could cause various degrees of hassle such as said quests and dialogue simply getting stuck to possibly crashing your game. Apart from that, regular use of this evil command will also cause savegame bloating. If you absolutely must use it, don't go recommending it to other people: that's really unforgivable.

placeatme: just say no.

Brackets as a means of rewriting avoidance[edit]

Have something to contribute to an article? Can't be bothered to rewrite that paragraph? No problem, just stick your contribution in brackets and you can bung it in anywhere, no effort required!

Sigh. I really wish people wouldn't do that. Or use text-speak in their submissions, for that matter.