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New character, more fun. ;)

I am still a nord*, this time a young one.

Now that I *really* know the game, reloading because I was killed in action has almost ceased to happen. Almost, I had serious trouble when handling the guards in Drads mine on lvl 11. I am at level 14 now and that's the only accident so far.

Made me a "Sword of Fire" yesterday. 10 pts of fire damage, 100%weakness to fire for 2 seconds, 100% weakness to magic for 2 seconds...wicked. Rather than enchanting my new and shiny glass longsword I pulled out me trusty old fine steel longsword from the drawers of my waterside hovel... Of course, it deals less damage than the glassen one but the strength of the enchant makes this little loss totally irrelevant, the lower weight of the fine steel sword more than makes up for it.

Was in anvil the other day and I could swear Vigdis was flirting with me. Makes sense sort of, I'm in the fighters guild, she's in the fighters guild, we're both nords, know what I mean nudge nudge. ;)

  • I'm a nord in real life too.