Skyrim:Weynon Stones

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Weynon Stones
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Clearable Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 18
Ice Wraiths
Console Location Code(s)
WeynonStonesExterior01, WeynonStonesExterior02
The Pale
Southwest of Winterhold
The Weynon Stones

The Weynon Stones are a landmark consisting of a circle of stones. It is located between Korvanjund and Fort Dunstad, just south of the path.

It is home to a pair of ice wraiths who will attack as you approach. This can be a challenging battle at low levels or if you don't have any resistance to frost magic.

Weynon Stones[edit]

As you enter the circle of stones, the two ice wraiths will appear and attack. There is an empty altar up a flight of stone stairs with a large stone head above it. On the altar is a burial urn. Behind the altar is a chest with a novice-level lock containing random loot. Opposite this is a shrine of Talos. On the shrine are two steel ingots, a pair of iron gauntlets, and two pieces of a broken steel battleaxe. In the surrounding area there are a couple of snowberry bushes.