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These are all certain places found when exploring the Shivering Isles that do not appear on the map. As such none of these names are official, but rather what might best describe the location.

Umarked Places[edit]

Blood Bay Ruins[edit]

West of Blood Island Camp are some partially submerged ruins.

There are the remains of a wall, with two statues against it. Two urns containing loot lie partially submerged in the water.

East Shrine[edit]

Directly east of Fain, and near the very edge of the Isles is a large, covered structure.

A set of stairs lead up to a shrine, with an urn and a hollowed tree stump both containing loot. Behind the shrine is a chest, containing loot. Next to the stump are two Red Kelp plants, and near the stairs are two Aster Bloom plants and an Alocasia.

The structure is guarded by a single Hunger.

Flooded Ruins[edit]

These unmarked ruins are located directly south of The Fringe.

The ruins are partially submerged, with an urn containing loot sticking out of the water. A chest containing loot lies on the shore. There is a statue embedded in the wall.

A Baliwog and/or Scalon Brute defends the ruins.

Fort Balliwog[edit]

"Fort" Balliwog

Located between Cann and Highcross on the southern side of the mountain range. Named after a Balliwog that is found there.

Not much left of this "fort". The northeast and southeast corners are intact as is a portion of the west wall. There is a base of a column in the center which, like the rest of the fort, is perfectly aligned along North-South and West-East axes.

The flora in the immediate area were some Red Kelp plants and some Hydnum Azure growing off the walls with three Aster Bloom Cores growing on the west wall.


Fort Dementia[edit]

Between Pinnacle Rock and Lost Time Camp is a mostly enclosed ruined structure. Named for its location; within Dementia.

Inside the ruins are two urns, containing loot. There are several withering moons on the eastern wall, and swamp tentacles surround the structure.

Several undead are inside the ruins.

Fort Grummite[edit]

Located north of Xavara, and within a pond, is a ruined fort-like structure. Named after the Grummites that appear here.

It is a partially enclosed structure. There is an urn against the southern wall, and Grummite egg sacs surround the area.

Fort Mania[edit]

Directly east of Dreamwalk Camp, and across a small pond is a ruined fort-like structure. Named for its location; within Mania.

A small arched bridge, flanked by two statues, leads into the structure. There is a vacant plinth in the center, and there are many Red Kelp, Alocasia, Aster Bloom and Hydnum Azure plants growing along the walls.


Just east of the Hill of Suicides, in a bend of the path connecting The Low Road to Split, is a graveyard with five gravestones. It is possible these are the graves of the five spirits that appear on the Hill of Suicides.

Grummite Shrine[edit]

Located south of The Howling Halls, and down the hill, is a covered shrine dedicated to the Grummite.

There is an urn at the base of the statue. It is defended by a single Grummite.

Hunger Shrine[edit]

Hunger Shrine

This is an unmarked shrine to Hunger Daedra. It's located due south of Milchar and almost due east of Longtooth Camp.

Easy to spot, it's a square column base with part of the column extending upward. On each side of the base is a Hunger statue. There's also an urn to the south of it that has leveled loot. There are also two Hungers nearby the shrine.


Mount Sheogorath[edit]

The summit of Mount Sheogorath

Go south from Frenzied Camp climbing elevation as you go and you can't miss it.

The summit is dominated by a massive pillar base approximately four times the size of an NPC, oriented to the cardinal points. On the base is a massive bust that nearly doubles the height of the edifice. From the top of the Mountain, you get a spectacular view of most of the Shivering Isles- all of Mania and much of Dementia up to the islands beyond the Fringe.

The bust gazes westwards, towards the entrance of Dunroot Burrow, Sanctum of Decadence to its left, and the Stairway of Sheogorath to its right.

There are three Aster Blooms growing on the base. Map

Pillars of Ebrocca[edit]

Pillars of Ebrocca

Located southeast of Frenzied Camp, behind the giant Mushroom Tree. Named because you can clearly see Ebrocca from it.

Not much here, one intact and one broken column and three Aster Bloom Cores. If you look to the southwest you can see the summit of Mount Sheogorath rising behind the trees.


Punishment Point[edit]

It is located far south of Camp Hopeful, north of Knifepoint Hollow, and almost due east of Split, on the border between Mania and Dementia. The area consists of a stone platform with two broken pillars on its southern side, and its northern edge embedded in the south face of The Jester's Spine Mountains. To the south one can see the vast expanse of the lands of Dementia, while New Sheoth is clearly visible to the southeast, and if looking due east reveals the Stairway of Sheogorath on the slope of Mount Sheogorath.

In this area, there are four skeletons, one Potion of Nighteye, one Strong Potion of Healing, one Poison of Illness, one Silver Dagger, one Decomposed Corpse, and one fresh corpse labeled Sheogorath's Punished.

Apart from the Mort Flesh on the Decomposed Corpse, none of the other remains have anything interesting or unusual on them aside from Sheogorath's Punished. On him you will find a Lesser Soul Gem, a Flawed Pearl, and a Death Decree stating that the departed's name was Robert Wisnewski and he was punished to the severest degree for attempting the growth of a beard. Apparently, this is an unlawful action in the Isles because only Lord Sheogorath himself may have a beard.

If you attack Sheogorath he'll teleport you far above Punishment Point, letting you fall to your death among the other corpses here.

Scalon Shrine[edit]

Located west of Blood Island Camp, and south of Xavara, is a large shrine in the middle of the water.

The shrine features stairs leading up to a large Scalon Statue, and an urn containing loot at its base. It is defended by a single Scalon, with several more Scalons possibly wandering the surrounding area.

Scalon Statue[edit]

Scalon Statue

A large statue on the peninsula just north of Breakneck Camp. There is also a further one north of Cann. It depicts a Scalon standing facing south. Nothing much of interest at this location, other than two Scalons in the area.

Map Map

Sheogorath Shrine[edit]

Sheogorath Shrine

The Sheogorath Shrine is another unmarked point. It lies due east of Puddlejump Camp in the inlet to the north-northeast of Flooded Camp.

It's has a small flight of stairs leading to a terrace with six columns (3 on the left and 3 on the right). Then there's another flight of stair up to a smaller terrace. This terrace has a bloody altar with a Crude Grummite Cleaver on it. Behind the altar is a bust of Sheogorath. On either side of the bust are urns with leveled loot.

There is a Zealot and a leveled Daedric creature (Flesh Atronach/Hunger) wandering around the Shrine.


Sheogorath Temple[edit]

Located southwest of Deepwallow, and in the center of an otherwise empty islet is an umarked location.

The place is a ruined, covered, structure. It is set in a small valley, and features several angled pillars that branch out to the hills alongside it. There is a bust of Sheogorath on an altar on the northern end, and a bench near the altar. Underneath the bust is a sack, containing leveled loot, a Withering Moon, a Water Root Pod Pit, two gold pieces and a book Myths of Sheogorath. On top of one of the support beams that hold the roof up, there is another sack containing loot and two beers. There is an urn on the southern end containing loot.

Two Zealots wander around the ruins.

Stairway of Sheogorath[edit]

Stairway of Sheogorath

The Stairway of Sheogorath is located directly south of Dunroot Burrow, these ruins appear to lead up to the summit of Mount Sheogorath.

This is basically a small covered landing with stairs leading a short way into the rocky slope to a little nook with three urns that contain leveled loot. Ascending up the slope from the landing are five massive columns, one of which is toppled.

This place can be seen clearly from both Mount Sheogorath and Punishment Point.


Submerged Shrine[edit]

Northeast of Hale, and within the second inlet encountered, is a shrine almost entirely submerged. A single statue sticking out of the water marks its location. It is located on a body of water that is not marked on the map.

There is a chest containing loot underwater, near the statue.

Zealot Temple[edit]

Zealot Temple

The Zealot Temple is an unmarked shrine in Dementia inhabited by Zealots. It is located halfway between Rotten Den and Xedilian, just a little north of a line between the two.

The temple is small, consisting of four square arches leading to a central, lower, area. The exterior is hung with drapes and has columns at each corner; the interior contains more drapes, four tortured busts (one of which is ruined), and an urn. The urn is a non-respawning container that can hold some high-quality leveled treasure: weapons, armor, jewelry and gems can all be obtained here.

Defending the area are three Zealots. They can often wander some distance from the temple itself and therefore cause an unwelcome surprise to the unwary attacker.


Other Points of Interest[edit]

  • Grummite Nest — North of Knotty Bramble is a pond with a large grouping of Grummite egg sacs.
  • Seaside Ruins — Southeast of Brellach, and north of Highcross are a collection of ruins guarded by a Scalon.
  • Red Kelp Ruins — East of Ebrocca, and across a wooden bridge are some ruins surrounded by lots of Red Kelp.
  • Pinnacle Totem — North of Pinnacle Rock, and on a tiny crescent-shaped island lie two Grummite totem poles.
  • Vitharn Totem — Just south of the Vitharn walls lie several Grummite totem poles.
  • Hidden Loot Behind The Fringe — Outside and along the western walls of The Fringe as well as along the north-western coast of The Fringe lie several containers some of which contain boss level treasure.