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(RefID: 00017840)
Home Town Fellmoor
House Kishashi's House
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Level 4 Class Commoner
RefID 00017840 BaseID 00015590
Other Information
Health 49 Magicka 110
Respons. 50 Aggress. 0
Faction(s) Dementia; Fellmoor Citizen; Wilderness

Kishashi is a Khajiit commoner living with her husband Ranarr-Jo in the small farming community of Fellmoor in southwestern Dementia. She is an overly schizophrenic liar and will tell you she is a former Queen of the Shivering Isles, now turned into a slave by insane control freak Cindanwe.

While her husband spends his nights spying on Cindanwe, Kishashi wanders around the ground floor of her house all night long, from midnight to 7am. After a two-hour breakfast, she finally leaves at 9am, ready for yet another day of hard work under the watchful eye of Cindanwe. She spends the next twelve hours in the knee-deep water amid all the water root pods, patiently hacking away with her rake. Every once in a while, she will attempt to wander off, but Cindanwe will quickly catch up and send her back into the water. At 9pm she finally gets a chance to relax and will stroll around near her house until midnight.

She wears humble lower-class clothing from both Dementia and Cyrodiil, a pair of fishing waders with scruffy shoes. She only carries her house key and a small amount of gold. Kishashi knows the standard leveled healer spells, as well as one extra major Restoration spell.

"...these plants are monsters. They sleep... below the waters."

If you approach her before having talked to Ranarr-Jo, she will have the following cryptic message for you: "Perhaps you are the one? No, probably not. Never mind. But then again... Ranarr-Jo is in need of a hero, but I'm not certain you are to be that one. First, you must earn his trust." On subsequent meetings, or if you talked to Ranarr-Jo first, she will say: "Make it quick. I've got work to do. I need five pod pits. Normally the peasants do that work, but pod pits are special. They hatch into beautiful birds!" She will elaborate if you ask her about Ranarr-Jo's trust: "Now how is he supposed to trust you, if I don't trust you? If you'll excuse me, I have work to do. I need to collect five pod pits." If you ask her about Ranarr-Jo at this point, she will tell you a wild tale: "Ranarr-Jo sent you? Did you know that once he was king of the Shivering Isles? Before Sheogorath? In fact, I was his queen. We made Sheogorath by planting little seeds in the ground and watering them with our tears and blood. And now look at us. Living like slaves for that cursed Cindanwe!" And she will elaborate further on her relationship with her "king": "Ranarr-Jo. He protects me. Like a valiant knight. Always rooting out spies and ne'er-do-wells. He's so good at it, I've never seen one yet!" When asked about Fellmoor, she will give you some spooky insight on the many root pods growing in the water: "This looks like a farm, doesn't it? That's what they want you to think. Truth be told, these plants are monsters. They sleep... below the waters. They dream terrible dreams and one day soon, they will rise up, consume us and the rest of the Shivering Isles. Get out while you can!" She will finish conversation with a paranoid: "Never trust what anyone tells you." If you approach her again, she will say: "I suppose I can stop to chat with a friend, but I'm really busy."

When asked about Cindanwe she will once again mention the five pod pits: "Thinks she's in charge. Treats us as slaves. Do I look like a slave? No. I am a queen, rightful ruler of the Shivering Isles! Even still, if I don't get my work done... I need to harvest at least five pod pits before the day is done." If you harvest the five pod pits, she will be more than interested: "Yes? Oh look, you have some pod pits! I need five of those myself." If you choose to say nothing, she will get insulted: "Hrmph. I once killed a minotaur with a spoon! I don't really need your help anyway. Leave me alone." When you give her the pod pits, her disposition will max out and she will thank you: "How kind of you. When I'm restored to my rightful place, I will give you a palace in the clouds... or was that a palace made of clouds? Either way, you will have a piece of blue sky." When asked about Ranarr-Jo after this, she will hand you a very special artifact: "Yes. Of course he can trust you. Give him this spoon. He'll know what it means. I once killed a minotaur with that spoon. It's a mighty daedric artifact!" After you have claimed Cindanwe's Notebook, you can ask her about it: "You have her notebook? I'm too important to read that. In fact, I've never read a book in my life. I pluck knowledge straight from the minds of gods. So you see, I already know what's in that book. But Ranarr-Jo doesn't. Go bring it to him." If you chose the get rid of Cindanwe by killing her, Kishashi will react: "She's dead? Very good. She was controlling our minds with evil magic. She's a vampire you know. Yep, sucked my blood when I was asleep, every night." If you chose the more human approach and wrecked Cindanwe's house, she will thank you, although with a bit of an attitude: "Thank you for helping us overthrow the tyrant. But you must understand that as Queen, I'm very busy ruling over the Shivering Isles. Run along."

Cindanwe herself describes the confused "queen" like this: "She'll actually get something done. The problem with her is getting her motivated. You have to play mind games with that one." Town hunter Relan will also give you his opinion: "She a liar. She say she kill Minotaur with spoon. Ha. Ranarr-Jo, he trust nobody. Except he trust this liar. Why? They strange. Not good neighbors."

Stage-Dependent Dialogue[edit]

At different stages in the Main Quest, Kishashi will share different rumors with you and other NPCs:

  • The new adventurers! I've seen them! One is as tall as a mountain! Another is composed of pure sound and light!
  • Do you want to know a secret? It was I who killed the Gatekeeper. I poisoned him with an apple!
  • Truth be told, the Resonator of Judgment doesn't actually do anything. Who cares if it's been reactivated?
  • There is more to Thadon and Syl than they let on. Let's just say... well. You know.
  • I think that I would like to be tortured. Perhaps I should go see Syl.
  • There is no Great Torch. And it isn't ablaze once more.
  • Syl isn't dead. She's living on an island nearby.
  • Thadon's not dead. He lives underground. In a house made of cheese.
  • These invaders that everyone is afraid of don't even exist. I swear, why would someone start a rumor to create panic?
  • Did you hear? I helped rebuild the Gatekeeper! He has my eyes.... What? I got new ones!
  • I hear that my army has been restored. Perhaps I should join up again....
  • I know where Sheogorath has gone! Of course, I'm not going to tell you.
  • Behold the new god of madness! It is I, Kishashi, who has defeated the forces of Jyggalag!

Related Quests[edit]


Several greetings were recorded for Kishashi, all of them showing what a compulsive liar she is; unfortunately, the quest-related dialogue takes precedence at all times, so they are never heard in-game:

  • "I am Kishashi and Fellmoor is my domain. A queen, some would call me. But others will say that Cindanwe is in charge. Pah! Liars! Her majesty cannot tolerate a liar. It is I who makes the rules here. If you need anything, you come to me." (listen)
  • "I am Kishashi, great hero of the northlands. I once single handedly held off an entire horde of Grummites." (listen)
  • "Have you heard my story about the time I beat seven Orcs in a drinking contest? I'm famous for it!" (listen)
  • "I have died seven times, each more painful than the last. But still, I return! Would you like to hear about it?" (listen)