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So What Counts as an Artifact?[edit]

Okay, so in order to stave off a whole bunch of stuff that would be redundant with Unique Items, I'm going to go ahead and set up a list of criteria for what should and should not be included on this page.

Artifacts should meet the following criteria:

  • Usable - Can be equipped by players and grants players using the item special powers. Items which just sit in the inventory and don't do anything except allow you to progress in a quest don't count.
  • Unique - as in you cannot ever see 2 players both holding the item at once. This is enforced either by having the item only accessible by one player at a time (e.g. Cyrodiil artifacts), or by being limited to a single quest which is 1-player restricted, so you cannot see any other players while using it.
  • Significant to Lore - It should be referenced in books, and hopefully have been seen or at least referenced in other games in the franchise. Many of these items were considered artifacts in other games.

If you have any ideas for items to be added to this page, please suggest them on the talk page first, so that we can assess whether they fully meet the above criteria. Please leave this note at the top of the talk page. — TheRealLurlock (talk) 15:57, 2 June 2019 (UTC)

Skill Lines[edit]

This article is currently linked to all over the place from Online:Skills and related pages. There's nothing wrong with having a list of all the artifacts that appear in ESO, but in terms of gameplay mechanics this list is hugely disparate in nature. As it currently stands, this is not a good hub page for PvP Artifact skill lines. I would propose making a separate page at Online:Artifact Weapon (the name of the Volendrung skill line in-game) or something similar where the PvP mechanic can be described in full. The full list can be maintained here, but people looking for info on skills will not be confronted by a huge list of irrelevant skins/quest items/boss mechanics/lorebites. —Legoless (talk) 00:30, 2 October 2019 (UTC)

I agree 100%. Id rather look at a page exclusive to pvp artifacts for their stats.Zebendal (talk) 02:02, 3 October 2019 (UTC)