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Vosh gra-Kreeg
Hall Steward
Home City The Hollow City
Location The second floor of the guildhall.
Store Fighters Guildhall
Race Orc Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Hall Steward
Other Information
Faction(s) Fighters Guild
Vosh gra-Kreeg

Vosh gra-Kreeg is an Orc hall steward who leads the Fighters Guild Fighters Guildhall in the Hollow City. She seems content acting as Hall Steward in the upstairs portion of the hall.


"This guild hall is certainly more impressive than many of the posts I've been assigned to. And it feels good to have fighters running around its corridors."
Did you come through when Vanus opened the portal?
"Yes, but like the others, I wound up separated and alone in the wilderness. Luckily, I wasn't far from the walls of the city and was able to make my way here without too much trouble."

If you join the Fighters Guild from her in Coldharbour:

"The Fighters Guild! You made it all the way to Coldharbour and don't know about the Fighters Guild? You should join up. We hunt down Daedra, usually searching for Dark Anchors. That won't be a problem here, obviously."
"You must be joking. Enormous chains? Drop from the sky? I don't know who started calling them Daedric Anchors, but Mauloch knows it fits."
What's the reward?
"Training in special techniques. Camaraderie. And the higher-ups are always looking for motivated members to help with special projects. Colors herself might even have a task for you someday."
I'm ready to join up.
"Well, better late than never. Ha! I welcome you as a comrade in arms of the Fighters Guild! Get out there! And take the fight to the Daedra!"
Thank you.
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