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Pick a fight with someone at Geirmund's Hall.
Zone: The Rift
Quest Giver: Daljari Half-Troll
Location(s): Geirmund's Hall
Concurrent Quest: Geirmund's Guardian
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 2265 XP
The warrior Daljari Half-Troll oversees the Trial of the Body, a test of brawn over brain.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Win four fights against the brawlers.
  2. Talk to Daljari Half-Troll.
  3. Defeat a champion.
  4. Return to Daljari.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

As you approach, Daljari will grouse that None of these idiots are guardian material. She will greet you with a curt Yeah?

Player: The Thane said you proctor the Trial of the Body?

Daljari: Want to get knocked about, eh? Lots of folk around looking for a brawl. Go pick a few. Report back once you've knocked in some teeth.

Player: Will do, Daljari.

This starts the quest proper. You need to win four fights. Speak to one of the NPCs just named 'Brawler' to start a fight. Defeating them does not grant experience. Once you've beaten four, return to Daljari.

Daljari: Word is, you've won a few fights. Good work.

Player: I'm ready for the next challenge.

Daljari: The Thane's fest doesn't attract just drunken brawlers. Some real champions come to spar as well. You want another challenge? Seek one out. Then we'll see what you're made of.

Seek out a named character, like Makoll God-Hater, with a quest marker over their heads. Defeat them, and return to Daljari.

Daljari: I can smell battle on you. Well-fought battle. You pass.

Player: That's it?

Daljari: Yup. I'll let Vofknir know. Good work.


Be sure to pick fights with NPCs named "Brawlers", and not any of the other non-hostile NPCs that can be attacked, such as Revelers. Not only will you not advance the quest, but you will also incur a bounty.

Despite being one-on-one duels, the fights are handled by the game by temporarily marking the NPC as hostile. Therefore, any player can attack an agrro'd Brawler or named champion.

Quest Stages[edit]

Trial of the Body
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
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