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Drive the vampires out of Hrota Cave.
Zone: Gold Coast
Quest Giver: Mel Adrys
Location(s): Hrota Cave
Reward: Unidentified Sithis' Touch Equipment
302 Gold
XP Gain: Standard
Zalar-do, the vampire lord

Vampire hunter Mel Adrys has come to Hrota Cave to track down the dangerous vampire lord Zalar-do, who has been preying on the people of Anvil. I promised to help him slay the vampire and rescue the victims she kidnapped.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Help Mel Adrys clear the cave from vampires
  1. Talk to Mel Adrys inside the Hrota Cave.
  2. Find the kidnapped Anvil citizens.
  3. Find and kill the vampire lord.
  4. Talk to Mel Adrys at the entrance to claim your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Mel Adrys will be kneeling on the ground just inside the entrance to Hrota Cave. Speak with him to be told about the presence of a dangerous vampire lord, Zalar-do, who enslaves the weak-willed and preys upon the people of Anvil. Agree to help him track her down, and he will shortly vanish, leaving the player to locate the vampire alone.

Find the Kidnapped Anvil Citizens[edit]

Two of Zalar-do's unfortunate victims, Jakja and Hiwoud, can be found within the main cave. They have become bloodfiends, and must be killed. Hiwoud is in a small chamber directly east of the entrance. Once they're dead, it's time to taken on the vampire lord herself.

Kill the Vampire Lord[edit]

Follow the tunnels northeasth to a hidden passage in the rocks. Beware of wisps and fallen warriors on the way. Once inside Zalar-do's cavern, combat will begin as soon as Mel has finished his short speech. While Mel should occupy the attention of her bloodfiends, the vampire herself will attack the player, who must be agile to survive. She moves swiftly and will frequently stun the player if they aren't quick enough to dodge. Keeping her at a distance is difficult.

Once she's killed, leave the cavern via the hidden tunnel and return to the entrance of Hrota Cave, where Mel Adrys will be waiting to give the player their reward.


  • If the player is a vampire he will comment on this at the end of the quest. This does not affect anything besides dialogue.

Quest Stages[edit]

The Vampire's Prey
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The vampire lord Zalar-do lurks somewhere in Hrota Cave with two people from Anvil that she captured. I agreed to help Mel Adrys track down the vampire and rescue her captives—provided they're still alive.
Objective: Find and Kill Zalar-do
Objective: Find Hiwoud
Objective: Find Jakja
☑Finishes quest I helped the vampire hunter Mel Adrys defeat the vampire lord Zalar-do in the Hrota Cave. I should meet him at the cave's entrance and make sure the threat to Anvil has been eliminated.
Objective: Talk to Mel Adrys at Entrance

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