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Spiderkith Recluse
Location College of Sapiarchs Labyrinth
Race Spiderkith Gender Varies
Health 45,953
Reaction Hostile Class Brute
Daedra Hearts
The Spiderkith Recluse brute

A Spiderkith Recluse is a Spiderkith brute found in the College of Sapiarchs Labyrinth, attacking the college under Earl Leythen's orders. It can be found sitting on a bench prior to combat.

Spiderkith Recluse
Location The Spiral Skein
Race Spiderkith Gender Varies
Health 34501
Reaction Hostile Class Ravager
Daedra Hearts, Spider Eggs
A Spiderkith Recluse ravager

Spiderkith Recluses are also fought in The Spiral Skein during the quest The Dreaming Cave. These versions have less health and are Ravagers, using greatswords instead of swords and shields.

Related Quests[edit]

A female brute sitting on a bench in the College

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Quick Strike
Low Slash
Spiderkith Kiss


  • Despite there being many generic Spiderkith in the College of Sapiarchs, there is only one Spiderkith Recluse in that location.