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Skywatch Celebrant
Home City Skywatch
Race Varies Gender Varies
Health 39959
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Easy Profession Drunkard
A group of Skywatch Celebrants

Skywatch Celebrants are Khajiit, Bosmer, and Altmer drunkards attending the Defiance Festival in Skywatch. They can be found all around the city.



Altmer have two possible sets of dialogue:

  • "Last time I listen to a Greenvine trader. What am I going to do with a Khajiiti ritual pipe?"
  • "Defiance Festival! My favorite fest!"
  • "Thank the Stars I could convince my patron to let me come today. Look at all of this!"
  • "Sorry, can't talk. Have to get to the pub tent before they run out of peacock confit!"
  • "The jesters are my favorite performers. Especially the little Bosmer girls. So bendy!"

  • "Telenger's imported some of the finest oddities. I simply must make it to the Emporium."
  • "This fest is just fabulous. Much better than the last one, for old Count whats-his-name."
  • "This your first Defiance? Don't worry, you'll love it."
  • "Have you tried the Isquelian Brandy? Such a robust taste this year."
  • "Estre has outdone herself this time. So many amusements!"


  • "Festival of Defiance. The finest days to be in Skywatch, truly."
  • "Honey beer. They put honey in beer. Did you know they could do that?"
  • "My kind of fest. You can smell the smoking meat from the gates!"
  • "Last time I come to the fest on payday. Damned Baandari."
  • "That Centurion! Amazing. Telenger truly is the greatest."


  • "The mages are impressive. This one has never seen such demonstrations of power."
  • "This one has never attended a Festival of Defiance before. Spectacle."
  • "This one relishes the chance to talk with kin. So good to see people of Elsweyr."
  • "Have you tried the candied nectar bread? A High Elf gift to the people - and that is the truth."
  • "This one does not trust the Darkvale traders. How can you call yourself a merchant without a tail?"