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Shaza gra-Dasik
Location Lion Guard Siege Camp
Race Orc Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Lion Guard
Shaza gra-Dasik

Shaza gra-Dasik is an Orc soldier in the Lion Guard. She is found near the Lion Guard Siege Camp outside Camlorn, and has instructions to retake the camp after it was overrun.

Related Quests[edit]


When she is first spoken to:

"I won't just stand here and watch our people die.
Get General Gautier to give the order. My axe thirsts to taste werewolf blood!"
The order is give. Let's take back the camp.
"Ah, you sweet-tongued devil. That's what I like to hear. Follow me!"

While fighting through the siege camp, Shaza will shout several things:

Shaza gra-Dasik:"Make the werewolves pay!"
Shaza gra-Dasik:"Lion Guard, hold your ground!"
Shaza gra-Dasik:"Let's finish this!"
Shaza gra-Dasik:"We made it. Get in there and find General Mandin. I'll signal the others to move in."

After clearing the enemy forces out of the siege camp:

"The werewolves were strong, but we were stronger.
Those who died in this fight did so with honor. They have no regrets."