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Home City Rimmen
Location Job Brokers' tent
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Northern Elsweyr Defense Force

Ri'hirr is an elderly Khajiit member of the Northern Elsweyr Defense Force found at the Job Brokers' tent in Rimmen. He gives out World Boss daily quests while Nisuzi gives Delve quests.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Dialogue[edit]

Before taking a quest, he will give you a random greeting:

"If you have a strong will and a strong sword-arm, old Ri'hirr has many tasks for you."
"Looking for work, walker? There is more than enough to go around."
"Fighting wars and Dragons is all fine and good, but Elsweyr faces other threats, too. You will lend a claw, yes? Old Ri'hirr will make it worth your while."
"You love gold, yes? Or perhaps you just seek glory. Old Ri'hirr can supply you with both."

When you accept a quest from him, he will greet you:

"Good fortune, youngster. Old Ri'hirr waits for your swift return."
"Swift paws make for quicker coin, child. You've got a job to do, yes? Get to it!"
"Strong will, five-claw, and Moons light your path. I look forward to hearing your tales of victory."
"Don't lounge about too long, walker. Your prey awaits."

Once you return after completing a quest, he will greet you with one of the following:

"Look who comes bounding back! To be young again …. But enough of that. You were victorious, yes?"
"Thank the Moons, you are back. Old Ri'hirr worries in his old age.
So, how went the hunt?"
"Ah, the five-claw returns. Tell me, did you succeed?"

After you've accepted your first quest from him, you can ask him about himself:

What exactly do you do here?
"I recruit groups of heroes to settle business out in the wilds. Hunts too dangerous for any one warrior to handle alone, you see?
Great beasts, unruly mages, and so on— all of them need killing. Old Ri'hirr just moves things along."

A Waking Nightmare[edit]

"Old Ri'hirr hears tell that an ancient dro-m'Athra named Zalsheem reappeared in the Hidden Moon shrine near Predator Mesa.
A handful of Twilight Cantors banished her centuries ago, but evil spirits like Zalsheem never stay gone for long."
I'll take care of her. Anything else?
"Yes, in fact.
A Goutfang adept smuggled these funeral urns out of the ruin. Wise of him, since dro-m'Athras can make puppets of the dead. But we should put them back once the Bent Cat is slain. Bad fortune to hold this sort of thing for long, yes?"
All right, I'll kill Zalsheem and return these funeral urns to their resting place.

After accepting the mission, you can ask him more questions about Zalsheem:

"Strong will, five-claw, and Moons light your path. I look forward to hearing your tales of victory."
Can you tell me more about this dro-m'Athra, Zalsheem?
"Old Ri'hirr can tell you what he knows. It's not much, mind. Dangerous to think about dro-m'Athra for too long, you know? Bad for the humors. You have to watch for that sort of thing at my age.
What were we talking about, again?"
Zalsheem, the dro-m'Athra.
"Right, right. Sorry.
According to the legends, adepts of the Hidden Moon Order trapped her up there in that shrine, trying to straighten her tail, as they say—to bring her back from the darkness and make her whole again. Did not work, though."
So they just left her up there?
"Not exactly. The Order of the Hidden Moon fell into ruin before they could finish the job.
Like I said before, the Twilight Cantors sang Zalsheem away, but she came back. Might have something to do with that business in the Ashen Scar."
What business in the Ashen Scar?
"It's swarming with undead and dro-m'Athra, apparently. The Order of the Hidden Moon dwelt there a long time ago, you see. Might be connected, might not. Who knows?
Here, old Ri'hirr will mark it on your map. You can find out for yourself, yes?"

If you have completed the Ashen Scar quest line:

I already resolved the crisis in the Ashen Scar.
"Did you, now? Well, thank you, walker. One less thing to worry about, yes?"

Once you have defeated Zalsheem:

I killed Zalsheem and returned the urns.
"Good! We can only hope that she will remain dead this time, yes? Old Ri'hirr is tired of foes getting back up all the time!
Here's your payment. Be well, five-claw."

Another Day, Another Death[edit]

Picking up the quest:

"It seems a rowdy necromancer named Na'ruzz the Boneweaver has claimed the Bone Pits near Orcrest. It's not the first time, walker. Na'ruzz clings to that gulch like the Dagis cling to trees.
Anyway, we need him dead. No surprise there, eh?"
Kill the necromancer. Got it. Anything else?
"Yes, rhook. Of course.
Na'ruzz often buries unholy charms and totems around his lair to keep out adepts and the like. Find as many as you can, and dig them up. If you swing a shovel as well as you swing a weapon, this should be light work, yes?"
All right, I'll kill Na'ruzz the Boneweaver and dig up his unholy charms.

Asking for more information:

You said Na'ruzz claimed the Bone Pits before?
"Yes. Many times. He fancies himself an artist, I think. An artificer. At least, that's what the other necromancers say. Some Khajiit work in wood, others in gold. Na'ruzz works in old bones. Gets old Ri'hirr's hackles up."
So he's just looking for supplies?
"Yes, walker. But when a painter buys paints and canvasses, they do not mean to animate their portraits and send them on a killing spree. I cannot say the same of Na'ruzz.
The Boneweaver's real art is death. You must bring an end to it."

Returning after the deed is done:

I killed Na'ruzz and dug up his cursed charms.
"And you brought them back? Well, that's just … wow. Why don't you just lay them down there, five-claw. Old Ri'hirr will call an adept to collect them. Very soon. Now, I'm glad to hear you settled this business. Please, take this and my thanks."

A Dastardly Duo[edit]

How can I help?
"Many Khajiit have a … loose definition of what is legal and what is not. Old Ri'hirr included! But some take it too far.
Take these two: Zav'i and Akumjhargo. They lead a pride of bandits out of Red Hands Run. Muskarsed villains, both of them!"
You want me to take care of them for you?
"Yes! Believe me, all of Northern Elsweyr will sing your praises. Those two have nearly choked the life out of honest trade.
Also, you'll probably find a pile of contraband in their lair. Skooma packed in crates, and such. Smash it to splinters!"
All right, I'll kill this pair of criminals and smash their contraband.

You can then ask some followup questions:

What else can you tell me about Zav'i and Akumjhargo?
"They're siblings, or something near to it. People say one is smart and one is strong, but old Ri'hirr doesn't know which is which.
In either case, their followers treat them like royalty, and will die for them without a whisker-twitch of hesitation."
So they'll have reinforcements, then?
"Ha! I'd bet my tail on it!
You should maybe bring a few friends of your own, yes?"

Once you have slain the pair and destroyed their ill-gotten goods, you can return to Ri'hirr.

I killed Akumjhargo and Zav'i and destroyed their contraband.
"Well done, five-claw! Now, Elsweyr's merchants finally have a chance to breathe!
You will take this for your trouble, yes? Strong will and good hunting."

Sword of the Serpent[edit]

"An insufferable Akaviri swordmistress, Vhysradue, planted her flag on the Hill of Shattered Swords about a century back. We thought she'd pass of old age eventually, but she's still up there, gloating and spitting challenges at anyone who wanders by."
What do you want me to do about it?
"Kill her, of course! We can only suffer so many humiliations at the hands of some muskarsed serpent woman.
If you best her, try to bring back a few mementos from the bodies of fallen challengers. It might be a comfort to their families, yes?"
All right, I'll kill this Sword Master and return with some mementos.

When spoken to for further information:

Is this Vhysradue really an Akaviri warrior?
"Bah. Who knows?
The Imperials here in Elsweyr fancy themselves Tsaesci, but as far as I can tell, they're just Imperials in silly garments. Ziss on the lot of them!"
"Snake-men. Haven't ever seen one myself, but those Imperials in Hakoshae talk about them like they're gods or something.
It's nonsense, walker. They are no different from us. No better than us. You'll prove this soon enough, yes?"
Is there anything specific I should watch out for?
"Hmm. Some folk mentioned seeing old banners fluttering in the breeze up on the hill. Trophies from old conquests, or something more, perhaps? You can tell me when you return, eh?"

Quest turn-in:

I defeated Sword Master Vhysradue. And here are the mementos you ask for.
"Ha! Well done, five-claw. Well done! Old Ri'hirr only hopes she stays dead.
Thank you for this. Here is your reward. Well earned, yes? Yes."

The Senche of Decay[edit]

How can I help?
"A necromancer called Thannar the Graveprowler reappeared recently, just southwest of here at Scar's Edge.
Don't expect to find some scrawny, dull-fanged wizard, rhook. Thannar is a Senche-raht—as big and dangerous as they come."
I'll be careful. Is there anything ese you need me to do out there?
"Yes, walker. Nothing is ever simple!
Many cats lay buried in shallow graves at Scar's Edge, and with Thannar near, they grow restless. Take this quieting balm and pour it over their remains. The adepts tell me it should keep the corpses from rising."
All right, I'll kill Thannar the Graveprowler and settle the restless dead.

You can ask Ri'hirr for more information:

Do you know anything else about this Thannar?
"What more is there to know? He is a wizard the size of a mammoth. Well ... old Ri'hirr exaggerates. Not a mammoth, but certainly a horse."
Do many Khajiit around here practice necromancy?
"More than in clawless lands, perhaps. We tend not to take much notice.
Magic is magic, yes? Wizards spraying fire from their fingertips are more dangerous than some silly hedge mage reanimating a dead squirrel. At least that's what Ri'hirr thinks."
If necromancy isn't frowned upon here, why do you want Thannar dead?
"Well, he raises greater things than squirrels for one thing.
Thannar is crazy. Maybe even bent. Who knows? He sends his corpse-puppets to attack sugar-farms, hunting camps.... It's random. Senseless. That's reason enough to kill him, I think."

Quest turn-in:

I killed Thannar and settled the restless dead.
"Moons be praised! Necromancers should be scrawny and clever, or musclebound and stupid. Musclebound and clever is just unfair, yes?
Here is your reward. Many thanks, five-claw."

The Trader's Terror[edit]

Anything I can help with?
"Yes, walker. A terror bird needs killing.
The Baandari call her Wily Kee'va, on account of her cleverness. Old Ri'hirr likes his birds slow and stupid. Kee'va, unfortunately, is neither. Now she's taken to thievin—rustling camels near Scar's End."
I'll deal with her. Was there anything else?
"Well, the sugar traders tell me that a few of their camels are still alive. Wily Kee'va corralled them into Talon Gulch, you see? Intending to eat them later, no doubt.
Set those camels loose, and I'll see that it's worth your while."
All right, I'll kill Wily Kee'va and rescue the traders' camels.

Asking more about the task:

Have you dealt with this bird before?
"Many times, unfortunately. Baandari tell the tallest tales in Elsweyr, but when it comes to Wily Kee'va, they don't exaggerate.
Hunters often boast about killing her, but then a few days later, she reappears and goes back to her old tricks."
How is that possible?
"How should I know? Maybe she is just very good at playing dead?
Old Ri'hirr's friend, Fetabi, thinks Kee'va is actually a wizard who transformed herself into a terror bird and hasn't figured out how to change back."
Do you think that's likely?
"Well, Ri'hirr has never met a wizard who dines on raw camel meat, but anything is possible, yes?"
I suppose so. Anything else I should watch out for?
"Hmm. Kee'va rarely travels alone. Keep a sharp eye out for other terror birds flocking behind her. And perhaps bring some friends of your own, eh?"

Turning in the quest:

I killed Wily Kee'va and set the traders' camels free.
"Spotless work, walker! With that overgrown buzzard dealth with, the sugar traders can resume their caravans. Thank Alkosh for that! Old Ri'hirr hates an unsweetened meal.
You will take this and our thanks, yes?"
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