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Raston Vendil
Home City Ebonheart
Location Vale of the Ghost Snake
the Ebony Flask
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Hlaalu
Raston Vendil at the Ebony Flask

Raston Vendil is a Dunmer merchant who can be found in the Vale of the Ghost Snake in southern Deshaan. He is a member of a House Hlaalu merchant caravan hoping to reap the riches of the vale. However, he managed to insult the majority of the Mabrigash tribe he intended to negotiate with, and asks for your assistance in freeing himself from them. He is a womanizer, which is what has gotten him into trouble.

After the events within the vale, he can be found at the Ebony Flask in Ebonheart.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Trade Negotiations[edit]

After the ghosts from the Coiled Path enter the village, the Farseer exits her yurt and disperses them. With her is Raston.

Raston Vendil: "This is an outrage! I want to speak to the man in charge of this tribe, you crazy woman!"
Farseer Bodani: "Another outsider! But this one ... I have seen this one in my visions. We must speak."

You can then speak with Raston who will complain about the tribe wanting to sacrifice him:

"I'm a master trader from House Hlaalu! I'm welcome everywhere. But these people want to sacrifice me to some snake!"
Why do they want to sacrifice you?
"How should I know? I'm an honest merchant! I just wanted to set up a little trade agreement with the tribe. They make some gold, we make some gold, everybody wins.
Next thing I know, they tie me up and act like I committed some crime. "
You must have done something to anger the Farseer.
"I was soaking up the local flavor, if you know what I mean. These Mabrigash ladies are lovely! But my flirting made that witch Bodani mad.
Besides, they refuse to let me speak to the man in charge. Why are they being this way? "
Are you sure that's all you did?
"Well, I … I did ask the Farseer to summon her boss and get me a glass of shein. But I asked nicely and everything!
Don't let them feed me to snake! I didn't do anything wrong. "
I'll talk to the Farseer.
"I hope she listens to reason. She acts like she's in charge, but she wouldn't even listen to my proposal. Trade proposal, mind you. Not a marriage proposal!
Those snake hides would earn them plenty of gold. Plenty of gold for all of us. "

After the quest, Yaras-Tul corrals him back inside the farseer's yurt.

Yaras-Tul: "Back inside, you s'wit."
Raston Vendil: "Of course, of course. Care to join me? Oh, never mind. I'm going."

The Trial of the Ghost Snake[edit]

Speaking to him while deciding his fate:

"I'm a respected House Hlaalu merchant. How dare they treat me this way!"

When you ask Tevynni what she thinks would be best for the Mabrigash, Raston will sputter indignantly.

Raston Vendil: "You conniving little witch! This was my idea!"

If you asked Tevynni for her opinion before speaking to Raston:

"If that harlot Tevynni steals my deal, she'll regret it."
The Mabrigash are wary of opening the Vale to outsiders.
"So they treat me like some sort of criminal? I've been nothing but respectful!
And trade would help them."
You'll benefit from trade, too.
"Of course I benefit! I'm a merchant. Trading is what I do!
How about this? Propose a limited trade agreement, on their terms, and I'll agree to keep other traders away from the Vale."

Allowing him to trade with the Mabrigash:

"I'm a respected House Hlaalu merchant. How dare they treat me this way!"
This totem grants you the right to trade with the tribe.
"What? Well, this is unexpected!
When they bound me up like a criminal and dragged me over here, I thought I was done for!"
I hope you learned something from this experience.
"Indeed. The ladies here sure kicked up a bit of a fuss. But we can put that behind us and I can make some gold. And the Mabrigash, too, of course.
I'll make sure to mind my manners going forward. Wouldn't do to upset the Farseer again."

Exiting the conversation and entering it again:

"I'm a respected House Hlaalu merchant. How dare they treat me this way!"
I hope you both proper under this arrangement.

After the quest, if you allow Raston to trade with the Mabrigash:

Farseer Bodani: "I would have chosen otherwise."
Raston Vendil: "For a moment there, I thought my natural charisma might have failed me."

Speaking to him:

"All's well that ends well, I always say."

If you leave and return, he will be located at the Hlaalu camp.

"The Mabrigash are still suspicious, but the wheels of commerce are turning."

If you threw the totem into the fire:

Raston Vendil: "This is madness! What kind of people are you? I demand to speak to the man in charge here!"


Fang Spires[edit]

Raston at Fang Spires

If you threw the totem into the campfire, Raston will be lead into the inaccessible yurt. You can later find him at the Fang Spires, muttering unintelligibly in his sleep.

"Ohhh … ahhh … snakes …."

The Ebony Flask[edit]

If you allowed Tevynni Hedran to trade with the Mabrigash during The Trial of the Ghost Snake, Raston will be found drinking in the tavern in Ebonheart. For some reason, he does not remember you or even the Mabrigash tribe.

"You—you look familar. Have we met? My memory is hazy, I took ill on a recent trip to Deshaan."
Yes. We met when you were a guest of the Mabrigash.
"A guest of who? The Abridans? Malderbash? I don't remember.
I was ill, or so they tell me. I came home to recuperate. My friends, some good shein, and I'll be right as rain in no time."