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Proctor Sovor Saryoni
Home City Brass Fortress
Location The Cloisters
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Clockwork Apostles
Proctor Sovor Saryoni

Proctor Sovor Saryoni is a Dunmer Apostle nearing the end of his life. He seeks to find a way to extend his life, and believes the only way to do so is to find Terari Heladren, an Apostle cast out for her experiments.

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Most Complicated Machine[edit]

"It's wondrous, isn't it? Elegant, meticulous, timeless. I once took joy in sudying the perfection of this realm, but now every revolution of the Great Gear only tightens the vice in my chest.
Tell me, are you here to unravel Lord Seht's mysteries?"
In a manner of speaking.
"Then may I impose on you, as a fellow seeker? For all my learning, I can think of no escape from my predicament... save one. An experiment performed by one of my order, for which she was cast out from the Clockwork Apostles.
I need you to find her."
You want me to find someone your order exiled?
"Terari Heladren was... ahead of her time. It was fear that led to her expulsion, not reason. I see that now.
Please, find her. Tell her I'll make it right, if she'll save my life. There is no one among the order I can turn to. She is my only hope."
That much I can do.
"Terari has been gone a very long time, but her ill-fated experiment created a persistent disorder in the grand schema. It's [sic] motions are chaotic, but not entirely unpredictable. Following it may provide some clue to her whereabouts."
What can you tell me about your order?
"We were some of Tamriel's best and brightest magi, invited to the Clockwork City by Sotha Sil to attend his experiments and learn from the greatest mind in creation.
We have been left to our own devices for a long time. Order was needed. Regulation."
I want to know why Terari was cast out.
"We believed she was meddling with forces that were solely the domain of the Clockwork God. A backward, emotional response one might expect from followers of a less enlightened deity.
Destroying her notes and shunning her ideas was shameful."
What is it that's ailing you?
"Age, seeker. Too many grains from the hour glass have gathered in this humble body. They've worn its workings so thin...
I don't think it will be long before I join the Inert, but I'm not ready. There's still so much to see."
Can you tell me anything else about what I'm looking for?
"Terari's ambitious experiment resulted in a factotum going haywire. It reduced portions of the Brass Fortress to shambles before taking its rampage off into the Reactor District.
We record its movements by analyzing the destruction in its wake."
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