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Predicant Malpenix
Home Settlement Southern High Rock Gate
Northern Morrowind Gate
Eastern Elsweyr Gate
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Predicant Malpenix

Predicant Malpenix is an Imperial priest of St. Alessia who can be found at the Southern High Rock Gate, Northern Morrowind Gate, and the Eastern Elsweyr Gate. He was added for the Midyear Mayhem event, and spends his time near his fellow priests, including Predicant Maera, the Pelinal Predicant, and Sacerdote Aloisia, as well as being joined by the Empowered Soldier and a group of Supplicants. He does not have any unique dialogue and cannot be interacted with.


He will try and moderate Sacerdote Aloisia's harangues about Pelinal and the Elves for their partially-mer audience, with little success.

Sacerdote Aloisia: "Have faith. My words are but a conduit for the truth. We follow in the steps of holy St. Alessia."
"Friends! Our Imperial blood is strong, and we can still see who our true allies are. We have come to remember and to inspire. Cyrodiil shall once more be free and victorious!"
"Shall we fear these foes set before us? No! As the Whitestrake clove the Elves asunder, so shall we drive our enemies from our land!"
Predicant Malpenix: "Daedra, she means. Metaphorical Elves, who are to us as the Ayleids were to our forebears!"
Sacerdote Aloisia: "It's rude to interrupt, Predicant."
"Blessed Alessia, guided by the Divines themselves, conquered this land, and crushed the hedonistic Heartland Elves under her heel."
Predicant Malpenix: "Apologies, Your Reverence, but I've seen more than a few Elves around the garrison. Couldn't we moderate the tone of the sermon?"
Sacerdote Aloisia: "We praise the Whitestrake, who was never "moderate." And we speak to soldiers, who value loyalty, and who know that to distrust an Elf in Tamriel is simple common sense."