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Pinnacle Factotum
Location Abanabi Cave, Halls of Fabrication
Race Factotum Gender Male
Health Normal10906420Veteran[verification needed] Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Random set piece
Pinnacle Factotum

The Pinnacle Factotum is a Factotum encountered in the Halls of Fabrication after Hunter-Killer Positrox and Hunter-Killer Negatrix are defeated.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Arcing Bolts
Shock Wave
Static Diffusion

Combat Mechanics[edit]

The pinnacle factotum fight consists of a couple different enemies, each with their own mechanics.

The Pinnacle[edit]

There are a handful of mechanics to watch for coming out of the pinnacle during this fight.

  • Heavy Attack
    • The heavy attack has some additional shock charges that are thrown around the arena when it lands. Anyone not blocking those charges will be CC'd
  • Cone Blast
    • A charge/release a conical blast. As a dps or healer, block, step out, or roll dodge to avoid the main damage of this attack. Any character caught in the cone without a block will be tossed back.
  • Lightning AOE
    • A teleport strike to a player that lays a static AOE at the drop site.
  • Resource Drain
    • A channeled attack that will drain resources from all players until interrupted. If the attack completes, it hits for a final burst of damage.
  • Simulacra [Starts after 80% HP]
    • The boss will CC whatever currently has aggro and split into 4 copies around the target. The target will have a small friendly AOE under their feet, and leaving it will instantly kill that character. Each simulacrum will wake up and start a palm strike that fires in a cone pattern. The character locked in the middle needs to turn and block the animating simulacrum before it goes off to mitigate the damage to the party.

The Centurions[edit]

At the start of the fight, three centurion husks will be distributed around the arena. Through the course of the fight, the pinnacle factotum will re-animate these husks with a lightning charge. The centurions spawned as part of the fight against the Pinnacle factotum have different attacks than the rest of the centurions in the game.

  • Steam
    • Two ninety degree cones directly across from each other, cast four times with a ninety degree turn in between.
    • On veteran difficulty each tick of the cone is accompanied by a stacking 10% defile debuff called a 'scald'. With three ticks per cast, it is very possible for a character to end up with a 100% scald. Skills that provide a ward are particularly effective at countering this.
  • Spin Attack
    • If the centurion is too far from the character to which it assigned aggro, it will start to spin as it moves to close the distance. While spinning the centurion will throw shrapnel around the arena for moderate physical damage.
  • Lightning Spin [Active under boss health 40%]
    • Once the Pinnacle is low health, it will begin spawning a second centurion into the fray. The second centurion will have lightning charging its arms, and only use a spin attack toward its target. The damage from this centurion will also drain magicka and stamina.

The Conduit[edit]

Below 60% health, the Pinnacle Factotum will start to spawn Conduits. These conduits will use the resource drain attack of the factotum on one player, with the caveat that it cannot be interrupted.


During the fight, the four pedestals on the side of the room will turn into levitation sigils. Four players have to use them to get up, and defeat the Refabricated Arquebuses located there. The Arquebuses won't fight back, but there is a static discharge that will drain health. After an Arquebus has been defeated, use the button in front of them. After all four have been used, go to one of the Slowfall Sigils (where you entered as you levitated) to float down to the main battle. Staying at the upper level for too long will kill you.

On veteran difficulty the Arquebuses have a large damage shield, similar to the fight against the raptors the beam can be used to remove it.


  • The Pinnacle Factotum model predates the Series 7 Factotum model, which is why they use the Refabricated Style and have more Dwemer-inspired humanoid features.
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