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Parquier Gimbert
Location Near the Westwind Lighthouse
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Parquier Gimbert

Parquier Gimbert is a drunkard Breton acting as the keeper, along with his wife Frederique, of the Westwind Lighthouse. You'll find him sitting near the bridge leading toward the lighthouse, swearing loudly, "Stupid lighthouse. Stupid bandits. Stupid Hagraven! Why's everything spinning?"

Are you all right? And what happened to your shoes?
"My shoes? Let me think. I was walking along the shore, looking for mudcrabs, when a Hagraven tried to get frisky with me. Said she liked the cut of my toes. I told her no! I'm a married man! After that, my memory gets a bit fuzzy."
Oh no! My mace!"
Your mace? What mace?
"The Mace of Doormouse some or another! It belongs to my wife. She'll kill me if I lost it!
Can you find the mace? Maybe the Hagraven has it. I think I remember seeing her head toward our lighthouse. I need to sit here until the spinning stops."
I'll try to find the mace. And your shoes.

With this promise, the quest The Barefoot Breton starts, but you can optionally ask Parquier more about the mace. He is, however, still struggling trying to recover from the inebriation, "I am so doomed. And it feels like there are a dozen horses dancing the Wood Elf frolic directly behind my left eye."

Tell me more about this mace.
"It's a family heirloom. Been in my lovely Frederique's family for generations. If I go back to the lighthouse without her mace, Frederique will never forgive me.
And her mother—she'll give me that look."
What look?
"Oh, you know the one. The one that rips away your confidence and your dignity and leaves you doubting your very worth to the society. That look!
The Hagraven cast a spell. That's the only explanation for how the mace slipped from my fingers."
Is that what happened to your shoes, too? / But what happened to your shoes?
"Why are you so interested in my bloody shoes?
Just, please, find my wife's mace. I really can't stand to disappoint her again."
Tell me more about the Hagraven.
"You ask more questions than a curious Khajiit! What's to tell? She screeched something unintelligible at me, tried to take advantage of my manly charms, and then cast a spell on me.
If she's headed to our lighthouse, my wife is in danger!"

After you've completed the tasks and head to the lighthouse, Parquier will be there waiting for you and is excited to see you, "My friend! How good to see you again! Did you give the Hagraven a proper trashing? And did you happen to find my wife's mace? Tell me all is well and we'll drink to our good fortune!"

I didn't find a Hagraven, but I did meet your wife.
"My wife? You met the lovely Frederique? But what about that feisty Hagraven? I'm sure I remember her saying something about how arousing mudcrabs on the half shell could be ....
But tell me—did you find the mace?
Here's the mace. I found it on the beach.
"Ah, yes. I was trying to smash a few mudcrabs when the bandits arrived. I barely escaped with my manly charms intact.
Well, thanks for finding the Mace of Doumant Belland. Frederique can get very loud and screechy when she's upset with me."
I also found your shoes.
"These don't look like my shoes. Mine had tassles here and a tear there. And more buckles. My shoes definitely have more buckles.
But thank you for finding my wife's mace. I wish I could have been there with you when you took down that Hagraven."

After concluding the quest, Frederique emerges from the house to give Parquier some proper scolding and remind him to put his shoes on. When you speak to Parquier again, he protests against wearing the shoes, "Shoes? Shoes are for lesser men! My manly toes need to breathe! It's a medicinal fact."

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