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Persuade the villagers to give offerings to Zenithar.
Zone: Cyrodiil
Quest Giver: Prefect Antias
Location(s): Cropsford
Reward: Cropsford Reward Container
0000250250Alliance Points
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
Repeatable Repeatable: Daily
Cropsford's shrine to Zenithar
Prefect Antias has asked me to collect offerings to Zenithar from several villagers around Cropsford.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Bosekus Sun-Belly, Lorene Menillet, Lulius Asellio, and Shagol gro-Gular.
    1. (If you lack the relevant skill) Collect corn for Lulius.
    2. (If you lack the relevant skill) Retrieve Bosekus's axe.
  2. Burn offerings at the Shrine to Zenithar.
  3. Return to Antias.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

In the village of Cropsford, Prefect Antias resides in her house. She will try to talk about Zenithar, but you can cut her off:

How can I help?
"We regularly offer thanks to Zenithar for our prosperity. Everyone has always contributed. But four villagers are refusing this time.
Would you speak with them and convince them to do their part?"
Who should I talk to?
"Here's the list. These miscreants must be made to see the error of their ways!
When you have the offerings, please visit the village shrine and leave them there for Zenithar."
I'll go talk to them.

The closest villager is Lorene Menillet, who is leaning against Antias's clothes line. Her reasons for not giving her offering to Zenithar are simple:

"The work around here never ends. I'm just resting for a bit."
Prefect Antias wants your offering to Zenithar.
"I told her no, not this time. But now she's sent you after me. I give up.
We sacrifice so much to Zenithar, it's a wonder we have any left for ourselves. Very well, here is my share."
I'm sure Zenithar appreciates it.

Southeast from Lorene, in a field, is Lulius Asellio, who is rather too focused on his corn to make an offering:

"No time for idle chatter. I'm testing a new way of growing corn. I flood the field, keeping the plants wet all the time. I just have to figure out why half my crop keeps dying."
Prefect ANtias needs your offering to Zenithar.
"Again? I haven't time to put together an offering.
I must get back to my research. You collect four ears of corn from my fields, then I'll bundle it for Antias's pagan ritual."

At this point, you can either acquiesce to his request, or persuade him to surrender an offering:

[Persuade] Perhaps Zenithar is making your crops fail.

If you lack the skill to persuade him, you will instead have to choose to do as he requests:

I'll get your corn.

Collecting the corn is a simple enough affair; the tallest corn stalks can be harvested. Do so four times, and return to Lulius:

"You again? What is it this time?"
I have your corn.
"Ah, I see. I'd forgotten. Well, here, let me bundle it nicely.
There you go, a lovely offering for Antias's ritual."
Thank you.

Southwest and below Lulius, Shagol gro-Gular spies on Glurala gra-Ulat:

"Shhh. Don't tell Ufgra you saw me here. She's always finding something for me to do."
Prefect Antias says you owe an offering to Zenithar.
"Oh, that offering. I clean forgot about it. Lots of other things on my mind. Busy hands, lots to do, people to see—you know how it is.
Here, take it and go away. I hope Antias appreciates this.
Thank you.

West-northwest of Shagol, Bosekus Sun-Belly toils outside his house:

"Some gather firewood only when they see snow fall. The spring sun will thaw their corpses."
Prefect Antias needs offerings for Zenithar.
"Zenithar means nothing to me. He is but a shadow to Sithis, the Perfect Chaos.
Perhaps if you do me a favor, I will make an offering."

Similarly to Lulius, you can either hear him out or intimidate him into giving up an offering:

[Intimidate] If Zenithar shuns Cropsford, you might be to blame.

If you lack the skill to intimidate him, you will instead have to bow to his request:

What do you need?
"I lent my favorite axe to Shagol. He says he left it somewhere in the woods but won't go find it. It is a matter of honor to me not to retrieve my own axe.
If you get it for me, I will make the offering to Antias's godling."
I'll find it.
"I only hope Shagol hasn't lost my best axe forever. This one cannot seem to hold its edge."

The axe is below Cropsford's Alliance Safe House, due east of Bosekus. Once you have it, return it to its rightful owner:

"Have you found my favorite axe? I long to wield it once again."
I have it right here.
"And here is my offering to the godling, as agreed. Of such compromises our days are made, here in Cropsford."
Thank you.

Once you have all four offerings, take them to the villages shrine of Zenithar, northeast of the Prefect's house. Burn the offerings in the shrine, and return to Antias:

"You smell like burnt corn. Is it done?"
The offerings have been made.
"I feel Zenithar's blessing on us already. May his blessing be on you as well, friend!"

Quest Stages[edit]

Offerings to Zenithar
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The villagers yet to give offerings are Lorene Menillet, Lulius Asellio, Bosekus Sun-Belly, and Shagol gro-Gular. I should speak with them.
Objective: Collect Offerings
Hidden Objective: Get Offering from Lorene Menillet
Hidden Objective: Get Offering from Lulius Asellio
Hidden Objective: Get Offering from Shagol gro-Gular
Hidden Objective: Get Offering from Bosekus Sun-Belly
Now that I've collected the offerings, I should bring them to Zenithar's shrine in the village.
Objective: Take Offerings to Shrine
☑Finishes quest I should return to Prefect Antias and let her know I've gathered the offerings and brought them to the shrine.
Objective: Talk to Prefect Antias