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Bosekus Sun-Belly
Home Settlement Cropsford
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Bosekus Sun-Belly

Bosekus Sun-Belly is an Argonian from Black Marsh who settled in Cropsford. He can be persuaded to give offerings to Zenithar in the related quest.

Related Quests[edit]


His greeting dialogue to you may change depending on your Alliance and which one currently controls the nearby keep and town. If the Ebonheart Pact takes over nearby Drakelowe Keep, he will say:

"If the Pact leaves us alone, they are welcome to Drakelowe Keep."

If you are a member of the Pact while a different alliance controls the keep, he warns:

"Until the Pact controls Drakelowe Keep, it is not safe for you in Cropsford."

If you are from another alliance:

"Some gather firewood only when they see snow fall. The spring sun will thaw their corpses."

All variations lead to the same reply:

You're working hard.
"And you are not. Hard work is how one shows Nirn that you deserve to walk its surface. Also, the sight of an axe flashing in the sun discourages Goblins from coming near.
If you are merely sight-seeing, go to Crown Point and feast your eyes."
"Do your legs quake at the thought? Yes, there are Goblins all around this village. At least two tribes of them. They skulk around the edges, not daring to attack openly. But someday, perhaps …."
What's Crown Point?
"It's the big tower you see to the South, on the hill. From its top, the world spreads beneath you. If you have nothing to do but stare at others, climb Crown Point for a view worth seeing."

Offerings to Zenithar[edit]

Prefect Antias needs offerings for Zenithar.
"Zenithar means nothing to me. He is but a shadow to Sithis, the Perfect Chaos.
Perhaps if you do me a favor, I will make an offering."
[Intimidate] If Zenithar shuns Cropsford, you might be to blame.
"You threaten? I erect the spine of warning. In my younger days, such words would have brought your death.
Now I seek peace, even with my superstitious neighbors. Here is my offering."
Thank you.
What do you need?
"I lent my favorite axe to Shagol. He says he left it somewhere in the woods but won't go find it. It is a matter of honor to me not to retrieve my own axe.
If you get it for me, I will make the offering to Antias's godling."
I'll find it.

If you decide to find his axe for him, he will say, "I only hope Shagol hasn't lost my best axe forever. This one cannot seem to keep its edge."

Once you have found the axe, you can return to Bosekus.

"Have you found my favorite axe? I long to wield it once again."
I have it right here.
"And here is my offering to the godling, as agreed. Of such compromises our days are made, here in Cropsford."


I found this note. I thought you might want it.
"If only Silent-Wind had listened to me. He could have had a good life here. Thank you for bringing this to me, friend."

Post-quest: Once Regret has been completed, he will thank you for bringing him the news if you speak to him.

"I honor you for bringing news of my brother's death. Now I know his fate, sad as it was."