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Home City Rellenthil
Location Canonreeve's House, Rellenthil Sinkhole
Race Altmer Gender Male
Health 39959
Other Information
Faction(s) Court of Bedlam

Nedoril is an Altmer and son of Canonreeve Farmeldo. He'll initially be found just outside his home where he is having an argument with his father. He'll head to the Rellenthil Sinkhole where he joins with members of the Court of Bedlam. Later he'll be inside his home.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

A Pearl of Great Price[edit]

Approaching the Canonreeve's House in Rellenthil, you'll hear:

Canonreeve Farmeldo: "Go inside and we'll discuss this later. And take off that ridiculous hood!"
Nedoril: "Ridiculous? I'll show you what's ridiculous. I'll show you all!"

After speaking to Eldhon inside the sinkhole, you'll hear Nedoril shout his assumed success:

Nedoril: "The Court of Bedlam will eradicate the lesser races!"
"Maybe even deal with our unworthy Queen!"

At which point, his former friend dies.

Later in the sinkhole, the following scene will play out:

Nedoril: "Master, intruders in the cave!"
K'Tora: "Heed me, my creatures! Destroy the intruders!"
Valsirenn: "That young idiot! We need to get over there!"
K'Tora: "Witness the power of K'Tora of the Abyssal Cabal!"
Valsirenn: "Destroy the pearls! We can't let those creatures reach the surface."
"The Sea Sload and the hooded figure are gone. I'll try to determine where they disappeared to."

After returning to Rellenthil, the following scene will play:

Nedoril: "I have a lot to answer for? The Court of Bedlam is going to turn me into a god!"
Razum-dar: "Foolishness can be ignored. Murder and treason , not so much."
Nedoril: "You and your Queen have no authority over a true Altmer, you mangy cat!"
Razum-dar: "This 'one cannot allow your crimes to_stand unanswered."

At this point, Razum-dar executes the young Elf, ending his menace.