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Meram Vox
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Meram Vox

Meram Vox is the son of Urili Vox.

He worshipped Boethiah and believed the Three were false gods. His devotion to Boethiah was his undoing, as he died after attempting to steal the Judgment of Saint Veloth for her. Almalexia killed him in front of his mother, driving her to Daedra worship.

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Motive for Heresy[edit]

Vox's first memory:

Urili Vox: "You mustn't do this, my son. Defying the Tribunal is a death sentence."
Meram Vox: "Enough, Mother! Your faith in false gods blinds you to the truth."
Urili Vox: "You mustn't say such things, Meram."
Meram Vox: "Silence, Mother! The Daedric Princes return. I welcome them as the true gods of this land."
Urili Vox: "Please, Meram! Come back. I don't want to see you get hurt."

Vox's second memory:

Almalexia: "My child, why have you spilled innocent blood? What has led you to perform such evil?"
Meram Vox: "You are a lie, Almalexia! A false god! I renounce you as the impostor you are!"
Almalexia: "You show no remorse and your crimes cannot be ignored. Let this be a lesson to all who would oppose the Tribunal."
Urili Vox: "No, my lady! Mercy! I beg of you! He's my only son!"
Almalexia: "What mercy did Meram show his victims? I am sorry, dear, Urili, but he has earned this punishment."
Meram Vox: "Ahhhh!"

The Judgment of Veloth[edit]

When the Magistrix strikes you with Judgment, you are transported safely into the spirit realm. Meram is accompanied by two spirits: Priest Malvari and Ordinator Da'ravis.

Meram Vox: "Another one. But there's something different about this one."
Priest Malvari: "You're right, Meram. This one's ... solid."
"A visitor? Strange. Your hands. Your body. Solid. Whole.
Where did you come from?"
Your mother tried to kill me. I wound up here.
"My mother? I have a mother? I don't remember much besides my name. This is my world, my everything. I've never known anything but this place.
And you don't belong here. Why are you here?"
To set you free.
"Free? I don't understand.
My companions often speak of freedom, as if there's something more somewhere else. But they say we're trapped, that the Keeper holds us in this realm."
The Keeper?
"Up there, on the western altar. We can't touch it.
You could talk to my companions. About freedom. I'll listen."

Speaking to him before freeing his companions:

"I don't understand why you're here, but there must be a reason.
I need time. Give me time to think. Speak to my companions."

Speaking to him after freeing his companions:

"You set my companions free. What power do you bring to this realm?
Could you release me as well?"
What binds you here?
"The Keeper bound these two, but it said I was too precious for bonds. Its master wanted me to decide for myself when my memories return.
What does that mean? Memories of what?"

You have the option to either lie to Meram or tell him the truth. The truth:

You were a fanatic devoted to Daedric Princes. You cursed the Tribunal.
"A fanatic? Daedric Princes? I ... your words ring true.
What ... what did I do?"

Lying to him:

You were an innocent caught in a power struggle.

The truth:

You slaughtered innocents while trying to destroy the Tribunal.
"I killed? Yes. I killed. I remember. I thought they deserved it.
Mother! The Three! Who did this? Tell me?"
Almalexia executed you for murder. Your mother placed you here.
"Murder. Yes. And it isn't over, is it? Because now my mother murders in my place.
Come. I'll open the portal to her domain. Together we'll stop her. This has gone on long enough."

Speaking to him after he opens the portal:

"The Daedra. They drove me mad. And now they've done the same thing to Mother.
I can't go on. She must be stopped. Go. The Reservoir of Souls stands open. We'll join you on the other side."

Lying to him again:

It's best to forget what happened. It wasn't your fault.

Speaking to him in the reservoir after telling him the truth:

"We must dispatch these creatures to bring my companions through.
Then we can put an end to my mother's madness."


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