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Return a vase to its previous owner.
Zone: Malabal Tor
Quest Giver: Bosmer Vase
Location(s): Tomb of the Apostates, Vulkwasten
Reward: Very Low Leveled Gold
Elorwen looks upon her skeleton and family heirloom
While exploring the Tomb of the Apostates I came across a campsite with an inscribed vase. The inscription read as if it was given to someone, but I only found skeletons in the tomb.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Collect the Heirloom Vase.
  2. Talk to Ganwen in Vulkwasten.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Finding the family vase[edit]

Within the delve of the Tomb of the Apostates, the ghost of a young Bosmer named Elorwen appears and runs towards the east end of the cave. She will stop at a Bosmer Vase surrounded by a skeleton, a tent, and a patch of pumpkins, and fade away. Inspect the vase to start the quest:

<A Bosmer vase sits adjacent to a skeleton. A crude depiction of a buck with an inscription above it adorns the vase.>
<Read the inscription.>
"To my dearest daughter, Elorwen. Keep this heirloom with you, and look upon it anytime you feel lost or alone. Though you insist on leaving Vulkwasten, I will always be with you."
I should return the vase to Ganwen.

Once you exit the Tomb, travel to Elorwen's mother, Ganwen, who lives in the town of Vulkwasten. The town is north-east of the tomb, on the opposite end of the Strid River Basin. If you haven't been to the Vulkwasten Wayshrine before, then you can get to Vulkwasten by taking the road that passes through Tanglehaven.

You'll find Ganwen on the bottom floor of the Tall Trunk Tavern, holding a quill and clipboard. Speak to her:

"The melodies ease my mind. I like being around all these musicians."
I found a vase with your name on it.
"This is my daughter's. I gave it to Elorwen before she left Vulkwasten.
Where did you find it? Have you spoken to her?"
A ghost in a tomb led me to it.
"No, it can't be! My sweet daughter, dead?
She yearned for a new way of life. I begged her to stay. Now I'll never see her again."
I'm sorry for your loss.
"Elorwen! Those last words I said to her ... I take it all back! Forgive me, love!
Please, go. I can't bear to speak of her anymore."

Ganwen will then give you a low leveled amount of gold, and the vase will be placed beside her. Speaking to her again will have her say, "I should've never let Elorwen leave my side!"


  • When in the inventory, the Heirloom Vase can be activated and will open up the book version of the inscription, which counts towards the Mysteries and Clues collection.

Quest Stages[edit]

Lost Daughter
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should return the vase to Ganwen in Vulkwasten.
Objective: Bring the Vase to Ganwen in Vulkwasten