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Help cleanse a cursed estate.
Zone: Glenumbra
Objective: Baelborne Rock — Discover the secret of Baelborne Rock.
Quest Giver: Athel Baelborne
Location(s): Baelborne Rock, Daggerfall
Reward: Bloodthorn Baelborne Signet
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Leveled XP
The curse on Baelborne Rock started with a betrayal
Athel Baelborne just learned that he inherited an estate. Unfortunately, the estate appears to be haunted and is overrun by imps.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Athel Baelborne.
  2. Investigate the ruins and the tower.
  3. Find a book on summoning.
  4. Talk to Claudie.
  5. Break the curse or tell Athel to leave.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

A Haunting[edit]

Athel's locked out of his own inheritance

Directly north of Baelborne Rock Wayshrine, you'll find Athel Baelborne, accompanied by two Baelborne Hired Hands, at a small camp on the side of the road. Talk to him to discover that he's trying to get into the ruins just to the west, but is having a tough time of it, and not just because of a nasty imp infestation.

"Nothing like finding out that the family estate you inherited is nothing but a pile of ruins.
And here I thought my life was finally taking a turn for the better."
What do you mean?
"I just found out that this land belongs to me.
You see, my father recently passed away. I was reading his journals and learned of this place. I wasn't sure why he kept it a secret until I got here."
What did you find out?
"The place is haunted. Makes my skin crawl just getting near the damn place. There are imps everywhere. And the whispers. They threaten me. Warn me to stay away.
But this is my land now. No bodiless voice is going to make me leave."
Maybe I can find out what's going on.

At this point the quest will start and direct you to search the ruins; however, you can stick around to ask some more questions about the situation.

"A Baelborne always pays for services rendered.
This place may look like a ruin to you, but it's a part of my family. It's all I have left."
Where should I begin?
"Search the ruins. See if you can find a ghost wandering around, or wailing or rattling chains, or doing whatever ghosts do.
Do you think I should hire a priest to preform some kind of ritual? Owning a haunted estate is all rather new to me."
I can handle it. But why didn't you send your guards in?
"Damn ghost won't let them in! Why else would I be standing out here?"
Do you know what the spirit wants?
"That's like asking why my father Maurice was such a bastard. There are things we aren't meant to know.
When the voice whispered to me, it said that the land was no longer mine."
Any idea what that means?
"According to my father's journal, this property has belonged to my family for centuries.
But Maurice was also a lying bastard whose death was long overdue. He was known for only telling half the story."
The ghost of Claudie Themond

Baelborne Rock is just to the northwest, and is little more than crumbling ruins now. Ruins overrun with imps, who attack on sight. Mysteriously, there is no sign of the spirit Athel spoke of yet, so climb the first set of stairs and look behind the broken wall to find a pile of suspicious-looking rubble. Search it, and you'll find a journal. As soon as you take it, the ghostly author will appear and act out a scene from the distant past:

Claudie Themond: "Hand in hand, we snuck through the gardens and sat on a bench beneath the moon. The way he looked at me sent shivers down my spine."
Claudie Themond: "Our love is forbidden. Still, we care for each other deeply. He plans to tell his parents of our love soon."
Maurice Baelborne: "I've returned, my love. I missed you so much."

The ghosts fade away, leaving you to continue your hunt for clues. Turn west, and climb another set of stairs. At the 'landing', turn left and search the next pile. Within is a broken necklace, and another scene will play out as soon as you take it.

Claudie Themond: "Maurice ... what is this? It's beautiful."
Maurice Baelborne: "My mother's necklace. She gave it to me. Told me to give it to the woman who would ... who would become my wife."
Claudie Themond: "Is this ... is this what I think it means? Oh, Maurice! This is the happiest day of my life."

The last pile is up the next set of stairs, near the base of an old tower at the tallest point of the ruins. Bloodstained clothes are within, and the last scene includes a third ghost: Lady Baelborne, Maurice's mother.

Claudie Themond: "I didn't steal your necklace, my lady! I swear to you. Your son gave it to me. Maurice, please tell her!"
Lady Baelborne: "Silence! My son would never give my necklace to a lowly serving girl. I don't know which is worse, your lies or your thieving fingers."
Claudie Themond: "Maurice! Please! Tell her of our love. The time we've spent together. Why won't you say anything?"
Maurice Baelborne: "I'm sure she didn't mean to steal it. She's been working awfully hard. Perhaps exhaustion ...."
Lady Baelborne: "Enough! I'll hear no more excuses. Punish her with the whip and then lock her in the tower."

Obviously, something terrible happened here, but to discover the tragic end of this tale of two lovers, the clues lead you to the nearby tower where Claudie spent her last days. Up the winding stairs, on a landing about midway up, you'll discover Claudie's skeleton, and the final entry in her journal. It turns out Claudie was pregnant with Maurice's child, but she refused to tell anyone after her imprisonment because she didn't want the baby to grow up a Baelborne. There's also a clue as to how the estate became cursed: Claudie prayed for their deaths to be avenged, for the Baelbornes to pay. Evidently, someone or something heard her plea.

The puzzle is far from being solved, however, so head back to Athel and inform him of your progress.

Speaking to the Dead[edit]

"That wasn't such a good idea."

Athel is still at his camp with the hired hands, but as you approach you'll see that all three appear to be injured. Talk to Athel.

"That ... that wasn't such a good idea. It wasn't necessarily a bad idea, but it was most definitely not a good idea."
What happened to you?
"After you entered without any trouble—and I'm not counting the imps, mind you—I assumed that the spirit had fallen asleep or something.
Anyway, as we stepped inside we were hit with a wave of incredible force. It hurt. A lot."
The spirit belongs to a woman who died here after your father mistreated her.
"Great. Just great. If you shake my family tree, my father wouldn't be the only bastard to fall out of it. But he might be the worst.
We have to reason with this spirit. Show her that I'm not the one who wronged her and I don't deserve her wrath."
Maybe you should just leave her in peace.
"What? Why would I do that? That's a foolish idea. A Baelborne never abandons his property.We need to get rid of her. Explain out side. But I'm not really sure how to communicate with a spirit. Maybe you could summon her or something?"
And how do you suggest I do that?
"You just ... well, you ... damn! I don't know.
Head back to Daggerfall. The Mages Guild there has a library. They must have a book or a scroll or something that has the information we need."

Whether you think Athel is crazy or not, the only real option is to do as he says and consult with the Mages Guild at their hall in the nearby city. You can use the Baelborn Rock wayshrine to get to Daggerfall, but it may well be just as expedient to run the whole way there. It's not far. Once inside, seek out the magus, Eilina, who is behind a counter straight in from the doors. When you ask her about books on summoning, she will be suspicious:

"I do hope you're not dabbling in necromancy. That magic always causes more harm than good.
But yes, we probably have what you seek. Check upstairs. That's where we keep books on the arcane arts."
Tsiniuc appears of behalf of his master

Head upstairs and locate the book, The Reality of Spirits, sitting on a bench out in the open. A quick glance-over will show that it is not exactly what you were looking for. In fact, it's nigh-useless. But when you stop reading, a hooded man will approach, saying, "A collection of foolish thoughts, that. All to sell more books. Don't expect to find much truth in a tome such as that."

Speak to the strange man, Tsiniuc.

"Summoning spirits can be dangerous work. I heard about you. About how you entered the ruins of Baelborne tower.
You must not undo the sacrifices that have already been made. My master sent me to give you advice and guide you to the right decision."
And how do you intend to do that?
"By helping you accomplish what the Baelborne has requested.
My master sent me to help you summon the spirit. You need to see why the Baelborne curse must not be broken."
Who is your master?
"Someone who must remain secret. For now.
But time is wasting. You need to understand that this curse must not be broken."
Why shouldn't the curse be broken?
"Ah, words are so much less effective than seeing the reality of a thing. Now think carefully before you answer my next question. I need to determine if you can truly summon a spirit of the dead.
What is the spirit's name?"
What kind of question is that?
"The kind that is crucial to the summoning! If you are to call her spirit to this realm, you must focus on who she truly was. Remember the visions you saw. She showed them to you for a reason.
Now, what is the spirit's name?"'

At this point, you'll have to answer the questions correctly to get Tsiniuc's help — and the help of his master. If you've been following along, the answers should be easy enough: "Claudie", "a necklace", and "revenge". For the third question, you may also choose "love", which will confuse Tsinuic but is still acceptable to him. Any other answers will cause him to berate you:

"You can't remember one simple thing, but you seek to end a spell you don't understand.
My master retracts his offer. You must find a way to summon the spirit on your own. I suggest starting with the mine behind the Daggerfall cathedral."
Why should I visit the mine near the cathedral?
"The mine once belonged to the Themond family. Before it was shut down. They still own the land, and much of the family is buried just outside the mine.
Planting the spirit's belongings in her family's soil may awaken her."
Why tell me this if your master won't help me?
"I have a certain connection to this ... situation. Neither your bad memory nor my master can change that.
You need to see why this curse was placed on the Baelborne family. I may not be allowed to help directly, but I can guide you."

If you fail to supply the right answers, the quest deviates a little. Tsiniuc will refuse to summon Claudie, instead instructing you to do it yourself. Behind the Cathedral is the Themond family's abandoned mine, now inhabited by hostile Red Rook bandits. Fight or sneak your way through to the main cavern, and cross the water. Bury the items you found at the estate in the loose dirt there and a wisp-like light will appear and lead you back to the entrance. There it will coalesce into the spirit of Claudie. She has the same dialogue regardless of the method of her summoning, and the quest continues as normal from here.

Claudie summoned to the graveyard

If, however, you answer the questions correctly, Tsiniuc will use the items to summon Claudie to the graveyard behind the Cathedral instead. Head there to find the forlorn woman standing before a monument. Speak to her.

"What is this place? What happened to the tower? What ... what have you done?
The Baelbornes hired you, didn't they? But you don't understand. You don't know what I gave up to stop them. I lost everything! I lost my ... my baby."
Tell me what happened.
"I fell in love with a coward. A Baelborne who couldn't disappoint his mother, even if it meant his beloved had to die.
My love turned to hatred in that tower. Before the end, I begged and prayed for someone to help my unborn child."
And someone answered your prayers?
"You have to understand. Akatosh. Daedra. It didn't matter who heard me. I just wanted my baby to live."
Then what happened?
"I made a bargain. Got my revenge. Saved my baby. The Baelbornes deserved to lose what they loved the most. Their wealth. Their lands.
I felt my child leave me. I could smell the smoke from the tower. I heard the screams. The deal had been struck."
The Baelbornes are different now.
"The Baelbornes don't change! That family carries evil in its heart.
Let them all rot. The ward in the waterfall will always keep the Baelbornes away. The master made it with his own blood."
What happens if I remove the ward?
"No! You can't. THe master won't let you. My ... my baby. What ... what would become of him? The master would kill him.
I don't believe you would do such a thing. You know the Baelbornes are evil. You know that my curse must stand."

You now have a choice: side with Claudie and maintain the curse of Baelborne Rock, or side with Athel and break the curse. Head back to the ruins.

For Vengeance[edit]

If you wish to defend Claudie, head north from the first set of stairs, around a ruined tower. Athel stands here, though his guards are conspicuously absent.

"What's going on? I was able to get this far, but I still feel the approaching dread and building terror. Did you talk to the spirit?"
Your grandmother and father were cruel and heartless. They earned this curse.
"I told you my father was a bastard, but what he did happened many years ago. I had no part in that! Why should I have to suffer for what he did?
It doesn't matter. Listen, you need to convince the ghost to move on."
Maybe the curse should stand.
"Please. Convince this spirit that we suffered enough.
My mother ordered the hired guards to reclaim this place no matter the cost. It's out of my hands. These men will kill anyone who gets in their way."
Your guards don't frighten me. The curse must remain in effect.
"Damn it, I tried to warn you. Remember that! I tried.
I'm leaving before the ghost makes my head explode or something. I'd run if I were you."
Revenge is sweet

Athel runs off, around the ruined tower and towards the cliff overlooking the Vale of the Guardians. Chase after him until Athel's warning proves prophecy: the hired hands ambush you, saying, "Useless. The both of you. We'll handle this ourselves." You'll have no choice but to fight back and kill them. Seek out Athel again, but as you reach the cliffside you'll see only Claudie there... Claudie and a Dremora. When you come closer, peer over the edge to find Athel's broken body far below.

The Dremora is Tachnim, Tsiniuc's mysterious master, but Tachnim serves a higher power still. One he refuses to name.

"A pact was forged here many years ago. No Baelborne may walk this land. Any of that bloodline who ignore this decree shall be dealt with.
You made the deal with Claudie?
"My master made the deal. I am merely the messenger that carried out his orders."
What happened to Claudie's child?
"He serves at my master's side.
For as long as the child remains useful, I shall honor the bargain that was struck."
Why help Claudie? The Dremora are evil.
"Evil? Such a mortal way of thinking. I exist to serve a purpose. Right now, that purpose is to ward this land from the Baelborne.
When my master commands it, my purpose will change. That is not good or evil. It simply is."

Claudie, meanwhile, relishes her victory.

"Every Baelborne who dares return to this land shall fall."
What happened here?
"The Baelborne heir ... he could have been my son, if Maurice had only stood up to his evil mother. Instead, he let her lock me in that tower.
What happened? Only what was meant to be."
But what happened to Athel?
"He ran head first off this cliff. The curse remains in place, just as Tachnim promised when he first appeared to me in the tower.
You know, I never asked what happened to my child. It's comfort enough that Tachnim continues to honor our bargain."
Why didn't the curse affect me?
"You aren't a Baelborne. Besides, we believed that you would do the right thing.
I hope my child grew up with the same virtues that you demonstrated here. Thank you."

Thus ends the quest with the curse intact. Claudie and Tachnim will remain on the cliffside, looking down at Athel's body, for the rest of the game.

Break the Curse[edit]

Tachnim ready to fight

If you wish to aid Athel, recall what Claudie inadvertently let slip: the ward in the waterfall. Head back up to where you found the bloody clothes and witnessed Claudie's sentence. From here, head southwest towards the Lady. Turn right when you reach the river and look at the base of the waterfall for a small black rock. Examine the ward, which will break it. When you turn around, Tachnim the Dremora will have appeared behind you. He will not attack immediately, allowing you the first move. However, if you get too far away from him, he will disappear and the ward will reform. He is a boss-level Dremora wielding a lightning staff.

As soon as Tachnim is banished back to Oblivion, Claudie's spirit will appear and cry out, "No! What ... what have you done? The deal has been broken. My ... my child. What will become of my child?" before immediately disappearing again.

Time to report your success. Athel has moved again, this time to the tower where Claudie was locked away. Enter to find a curious scene: a man who looks strangely familiar is lying on the rubble-strewn ground, clutching his side, while Athel questions him.

Athel Baelborne: "Do you remember anything? Where you came from? Who you are?"
Stefan Themond: "My head is pounding. I think ... I think my name is ... Stefan ...."

If you speak to Stefan, he says, "What ... what's going on? Where am I? Wait, I know you. I feel like we just talked but ... I can't remember anything."

Speak to Athel, who is a bit perturbed by Stefan's sudden appearance but is willing to forsake his father's bloodthirsty ways:

Athel questions a familiar-looking amnesiac
"I walked in here and this young man nearly fell on my head!
And you? Were you successful?"
The curse is broken.
"Figured as much. It felt like the air shifted for a moment. When we tried to walk through the ruins, nothing stopped us this time.
But as soon as we walked in here, this man fell out of the sky. We thought it was an ambush!"
That looks like the man I met in Daggerfall.
"Really? He whispered a name or something. Siniuc or Saniuc. Something like that.
He looked confused. And then he said Themond. Do you have any idea what all that means?"
The contract was broken. This has to be Claudie's son.
"He's the son of the ghost that tried to kill me? That's just great.
I think he's hurt. But if he wants to pick up where his ghostly mother left off ...."
So what are you going to do?
"If I took after my father, I'd put an end to the young man. It would be the prudent thing to do.
But I never liked my father. There's been enough hatred between our families. It's time things changed."
You mentioned payment for services rendered?
"Of course, of course. You've certainly been more useful than these hired hands.
The Baelbornes are once again on their way to the top, and I have you to thank for that. I'll always remember the small part you played to make this happen."

Thus ends the quest with the curse broken. Athel, Stefan and the hired hands will remain in the tower, and the estate — as ruined as it is — is in Baelborne hands again.

Quest Stages[edit]

Legacy of Baelborne Rock
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective: Search the Ruins
Objective: Investigate the Tower
Objective: Inform Athel of Your Findings
Objective: Ask About Book
Objective: Find a Book About Spirit Summoning
Objective: Talk to Claudie Themond
Objective: Break the Curse
Objective: Talk to Athel Baelborne
Objective: Talk to the Cloaked Man
Objective: Tell Athel Baelborne to Leave
Objective: Find Athel Baelborne