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Location The Endless Stair
Race Nede Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Vampire

Lafara is a Nord vampire sent from the Orchard to aid in the final assault on the Endless Stair.

Related Quests[edit]


She can be found near the portal to the Endless Stair with the others, when she is spoken to before you receive your orders she will affirm the bargain made.

"You were a worthy opponent in the Orchard. I'm almost disappointed that we must now fight alongside instead of against each other. Still, the Crimson-Matron has sent me to honor your agreement, and I shall not fail you."

Once Vanus has given you your orders, you can talk with Lafara further.

"Say the word and we will attack the Dark Father by your side."
You're really going to help me against Molag Bal?
"My kind can slip through the shadows. We can go where you cannot and appear at a moment's notice.
Call upon me when your need is great, and we will be there."
I hope I can depend on you.
"The Blood-Matron commands that we aid you, that we honor the deal as it was struck.
And so shall it be."
Lafara fights the Guardian of the Gate

As you fight the Guardian of the Gate Lafara will appear with some fellow vampires to help. [verification needed — does she only appear for the vampire fight or is it random]

Lafara: "No longer shall the forces of darkness only be used for evil. We stand by you, champion!"