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Immediately Repeatable Quests are quests that can be repeated as soon as they are finished. They are often part of a group or cluster of quests that can be completed together. These quests are limited to the Thieves Guild DLC, which can also be used to level your Thieves Guild skill line, and the Dark Brotherhood DLC doing the Dark Brotherhood Contracts that also which can level your Dark Brotherhood skill line.

The available quests are:

Immediately Repeatable Quests[edit]

Thieves Guild Jobs[edit]

Dark Brotherhood Contracts[edit]


  • The relatively fast and straightforward nature of these repeatable quests, they can be a quick way to farm for certain items, xp, gold and guild skill line reputation.
  • Some of the immediately repeatable quests have a chance of giving rare items, such as Abah's Watch Style motif chapters from Thieves Guild jobs