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Hiath the Battlemaster
Location Dragonstar Arena
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Health Normal1515587Veteran6114800 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Varies
Hiath the Battlemaster
Hiath in the arena

Hiath the Battlemaster is a Dunmer follower of Boethiah and the current champion of the Dragonstar Arena.


He can be found in the Gladiator's Assembly: (?)

Combat Commentary[edit]

Dragonstar Arena[edit]

When you first start the arena round:

Hiath the Battlemaster: "We have new challengers! Will they survive the competition, or will blood decorate the floor of our grand Arena?"
"Ready or not, the battle is about to begin! For those of you who bet gold on the newcomers, you have my sympathy."
"Let loose the combatants! This is the Dragonstar Arena, and the games have begun!"

<The first Fighters Guild opponents will enter.>

"And now, a round of applause for those proud undead destroyers—the Fighters Guild! Can the newcomers stand against them? I can't wait to find out, can you?"

The Frozen Ring[edit]

After continuing to the next arena stage:

Hiath the Battlemaster: "You dare go on? This pleases my master. Let's hope you continue to please her and she grants you the strength to survive the coming battles."
"Prepare your weapons. Ready your spells. Oh, and you may want to put on something warm. It's about to get cold in here."
"Do try not to soil anything during this battle."

<The first opponents enter the arena>

"To advance, you must defeat the champions of this arena—Nords from the coldest region of Skyrim! They love the thrill of battle, the conquest of their enemies, and the taste of mead! But not necessarily in that order."

If you start freezing:

Hiath the Battlemaster: "Some people would try to find a little heat when the weather turns so chilly. But perhaps freezing to death is part of a strategy I'm just not familiar with."

When the trolls start appearing during the round:

Hiath the Battlemaster: "The trolls! Always forget about the trolls. How the Nords hooked up with those ferocious creatures is beyond me, but their [sic] always good for a few bites!"

Group Defeat[edit]

He will make various mocking comments if the players die:

  • "Amazing. You truly have achieved new heights of mediocrity."
  • "Well, that was unfortunate. Let's try this again...and do remember that people are watching."
  • "I hope you're not sticking around for the consolation prizes. No matter what you've heard—there aren't any!"
  • "You stumbled into here by accident, didn't you? I see no other possible explanation for your disastrous performance."
  • "You should replace that so-called warrior you have there. With allies like that, you can't afford to have any enemies!"
  • (?)
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