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Harald Winvale
Home City Daggerfall
Location Burial Mounds
Winvale's Winsome Loom
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Bloodthorn Cult
Harald Winvale

Harald Winvale is a Breton member of the Bloodthorn Cult found at the Burial Mounds. He is being haunted by his ancestors for desecrating the burial site, and wants you to make peace with the ghost of Silas Winvale.

Harald is the son of Kareem Winvale, owner of Winvale's Winsome Loom in Daggerfall.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Within one of the crypts at the Burial Mounds, you will encounter a man who will panickedly ask you not to kill him:

"Wait! I'm not your enemy!"
What are you doing down here?
"I'm hiding. I didn't know the Bloodthorns were going to desecrate this burial site. My ancestors are buried here!
My great-great-grandfather appeared before me. Demanded I atone for the desecration. If I don't, he said he'd haunt me. Forever!"
Aren't you a Bloodthorn cultist?
"I made a mistake when I joined them. If I go back out there, they'll kill me! Please, help me appease my ancestors.
The Bloodthorns stole sacred candles from the tombs. Retrieve them and light them at my family tombs so they know I still honor them."
I'll place the candles for you.
"Look for the tombs of the Winvale Patriarch, Matriarch, and the Scion. They were very important in their time.
I'd suggest honoring the Winvale Founder's tomb last. He was really angry. Scared me witless when he just appeared out of nowhere."
Why did you join the Bloodthorn Cult?
"It seemed like a good idea at the time. I was never let in on any big secrets or plans, though.
According to the Founder, I joined because I'm a shiftless idiot and a lazy, good-for-nothing slob. He really ripped into me."
I still don't understand why you joined the cult.
"Because of Angof! He seemed like the strong leader that Glenumbra so desperately needs. He can be very persuasive.
I never thought about the harm we were doing until the ghost of my own ancestor confronted me."
Aren't you afraid the cult with retaliate?
"Of course I am. I'm so scared I can't think straight! That's why I'm begging for your mercy and your aid.
When this is all over, I'm going to run—north, east, anywhere my feet will take me."
What will do if I help you?
"I'm going to do whatever I can to make up for my mistakes. I'll get out of here and go home to Daggerfall. Find something useful to do. Maybe help my father at his tailor shop.
I certainly won't be joining any other cults in the near future, not me!"'

After you have placed the candles and spoken with the spirit of the Winvale founder, you can track do Harald to relay the message. He will now be outside and waiting anxiously:

"What did great-grandfather tell you? Am I back in good graces?"
Your ancestor accepted your offering, but he wants you to continue to honor their memory.
"I renounce the cult and promise to honor my ancestors. But from a much safer distance.
I'll make my way out of here. Maybe go to Daggerfall or start a new life somewhere else. No more cults for me. Not even benign ones!"

He will then hand you some gold for your troubles. [verification needed — not sure if he can be spoken to after completing the quest.]

Harald at work

Harald will keep his oath and leave the Bloodthorn Cult, he can be later be found at his father's shop in Daggefall. He will not speak to you, as he is busy working.

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