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Gerent Hernik
Location Outside White Rose Prison
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact
Gerent Hernik

Gerent Hernik is a Nord officer of the Ebonheart Pact investigating the group occupying the White Rose Prison. He is Gerent Garm's brother.

Related Quests[edit]


You will first encounter him outside of Mournhold alongside Ganthis after defeating Vox and being sent to Shadowfen.

"Can you distract Ganthis Fancypants so my brother and I can sneak off to get a drink? There's not much mead in Shadowfen, and what the Argonians drink ... well, I'd rather taste rotmeth.
No? Oh, well."

And Throw Away The Key[edit]

He is encountered again within the White Rose Prison:

"Another visitor to White Rose Prison? This isn't exactly the main route."
Then what are you doing here?
"The vicecanons tracked one of the long-lost keystones to White Rose Prison. If we can recover it, this artifact would be a major boon to our war efforts.
Unfortunately, the prisoners don't trust the vicecanons, which means they don't trust me."
Perhaps they'll talk to me.
"You're welcome to try. We need that keystone.
Look for General Raetus, an old Imperial general they left here to rot. He's the prisoner's leader."
I'll go speak with him.
"Hopefully, the prisoners will let you in. We need that keystone."
What can you tell me about the prison?
"Very little. The Imperials built it in the First Era. When they were pushed out of Shadowfen, they abandoned it.
I'm not sure why the prisoners remained. Some say they're cursed."
Is there anything I should know about General Raetus?
"He had the reputation of being honorable, at least for an Imperial.
I don't know what he did to get left here, but it must've been bad. The Empire abandoned a skilled general."
What's a keystone?
"Argonian artifacts of great power. Legend ties them to various ruins throughout Shadowfen. The vicecanons can't let them fall into the wrong hands."

The Keystone[edit]

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