Thieves Guild


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Location Numerous locations within cities with Outlaws Refuges
Race Varies Gender Varies
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Thieves Guild
A Footpad

Footpads are members of the Thieves Guild who will appear in major cities if you've entered combat with a Justice Neutral NPC (including guards) and have a bounty on your head. They can easily be spotted due to the compass icon which appears over their head. Footpads will only appear if you've unlocked the Timely Escape skill from the Thieves Guild skill line, and only in cities which have an Outlaws Refuge. Activating the Footpad will cause them to drop a smokebomb, teleporting you to the nearby Refuge.


  • Similar to doors, you will be unable to successfully activate the Footpad if you're in active combat (i.e., receiving damage). You must therefore be some distance away from your attacker in order to complete the animation and successfully port.
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