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Home Settlement Davon's Watch
Location Bal Foyen, Davon's Watch, Dhalmora, Smuggler's Tunnel, Stonefalls, Tamriel
Store Dhalmora Fine Goods, Patience Breeds Wealth
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Merchant

Fetches-Glitter is an Argonian merchant who can be found in the Market District of Davon's Watch at his shop, Dhalmora Fine Goods, and in Dhalmora at Patience Breeds Wealth.



"I have many fine goods, direct from Davon's Watch."
What is Davon's Watch?
"You're new to Stonefalls? One of the Bleakrock refugees? Then you'll need supplies, yes?
Davon's Watch is the closest town to this village. It's a hub for traders from across the Pact."
You travel there often?
"Once a month. I trade our guar hides and meat for smithed goods, fine tools, and luxuries.
I used to bring back news from abroad, but people here aren't interested in much beyond their fields."
How can I get to Davon's Watch?
"It's to the west, just through the mountain pass. You can walk there in less than a day.
Though with the Covenant's problems, I might just have to postpone this month's trip."
Is there much business in this village?
"I would make more elsewhere, especially in Ebonheart or Kragenmoor, but I've chosen to stay in Dhalmora.
If one is patient, one can gain great treasures. So I hope, anyway."
Why do you stay here?
"Family. Why would I leave my clutch-mates? They love the mud's musk in Bal Foyen."

Davon's Watch[edit]

"Forgive my wheezing. The road from Dhalmora is a long and my stock is ample. I could have loaded my burden onto a Guar, but I can't bring myself to do it. They look too much like family"
How's business?
"In Davon's Watch? Since the Covenant invasion, it's gotten better. We've got to boil a lot of guar hides to make armor for Pact soldiers.
Don't ruin our profits by driving off the invaders too soon."