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Factotum Medica
Location Proctor Luciana's Retreat, Clockwork Basilica
Race Factotum Gender
Reaction Friendly

The Factotum Medica is a medical automaton that can be found repairing Proctor Luciana Pullo after her traumatic experience battling Nocturnal to save Sotha Sil.


"Greetings, resident. Please maintain a safe distance. I am still determining the extent of Proctor Luciana's injuries."
What exactly happened to her?
"Lord Seht furnished Proctor Luciana with a wide array of complex enhancements that help sustain and extend her life. These enhancements allow her to wield arcane power inaccessible to most mortals."
"Unfortunately, her struggle against Nocturnal's assault overtaxed the system, resulting in catastrophic damage to all rejection inhibitors and nerve junctions.
It seems her body was incapable of handling the strain."
Will she be all right?
"I lack the requisite data to offer you a definitive prognosis. Initial findings indicate a low probability of survival. I can direct you to a grief specialist if you wish.
Please know that I will continue to execute my duties with all due diligence."
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