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Envoy Cashia
Home City Rimmen
Location Rimmen Palace
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Envoy Cashia

Envoy Cashia is a Khajiit found in Rimmen. She is an envoy to the Mane and has come to Rimmen to determine the succession of the throne of Anequina. She also carries a message from the Mane to Abnur Tharn.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

As you return to the Rimmen Palace to report to Khamira. You will be stopped by a well-dressed Khajiit woman.

Envoy Cashia: "Outsider, this one must speak with you."

Speak with her to see what she wants.

"This one never expected to set foot in the capital of Anequina again. She hoped the militia would succeed but she didn't believe they stood a chance against the Usurper Queen.
Cashia understands you played a significant role in these events, yes?"
I helped overthrow Euraxia, defeat the Betrayer, and stop the Dragons on the Plane of Jode.
"Such wonders you have accomplished! And to have touched the face of blessed Jode, this one is in awe!
Despite all that, the Mane has sent me to determine what happens next. Where is Lord Gharesh-ri, the Speaker of the Mane?"
Gharesh-ri returned from battle and went to see the healers. What do you mean, what happens next?
"The healers? This one hopes the Speaker wasn't gravely injured.
As for your question, we must settle the matter of Anequina's succession. Cashia must determine if Khamira is the legitimate heir to the throne and if so, recognize her claim."
She's the only surviving daughter of King Hemakar. Doesn't that make her the queen?
"Certainly, but anyone can make such a claim. To be accepted by the Khajiiti, she must be recognized by the Mane.
With Gharesh-ri indisposed, will you stand with Khamira and vouch for her heritage? If so, please tell her I am ready to meet with her."
I'll go find Khamira and let her know.
"Before you return to Khamira's side, this one requests an additional favor.
The Mane gave Cashia a sealed letter for Abnur Tharn, but he refuses to see me. I understand that you and he share a special bond. Perhaps you could deliver the letter?"
I can deliver the letter, but why is the Mane writing to Abnur Tharn?
"The specifics concern the Tharn alone, but this one believes it deals with the artificial eclipse and its impact on Khajiiti society.
The Moons hold great sway over the Khajiit born under them. What does that mean for those born during this eclipse?"
The eclipse? I don't understand.
"No matter what caused the eclipse, Jone and Jode joined as one. When this occurs naturally, one born then may become the next Mane. But during a false eclipse? Succession becomes a concern.
The Mane hopes Tharn can explain the arcane implications."
Why didn't the Mane come to crown Khamira personally?
"The Mane can't be everywhere at once. That is what the Speaker and the envoys are for. For now, the Mane's duties do not include Anequina. But know that the Mane's heart is everywhere in Elsweyr.
Now, please deliver the letter to Abnur Tharn."

After you deliver the letter and saw farewell to Tharn, you can enter the palace and find it filled with guests for the coronation. Nearby, you can overhear Lord Gharesh-ri and Envoy Cashia talking.

Lord Gharesh-ri : "I assure you, Cashia, my wounds are healing quite nicely."
Envoy Cashia : "Nevertheless, this one has asked the outlander to stand beside Khamira … should I decide to give the Mane's blessing."

Once you have spoken with Khamira, Cashia will be in the throne room next to the throne, impatiently waiting for the new queen.

"Where is Khamira? I expected her to be eager to hear my proclamation."

Finally, the ceremony will begin:

Envoy Cashia : "Who will confirm that Khamira is the daughter of King Hemakar and the rightful heir to the throne of Anequina?"
Lord Gharesh-ri : "I will, as her guardian all these years and as the Speaker of the Mane. Khamira is the rightful heir."
Lord Gharesh-ri : "Come forth, daughter of Hemakar and Numara. Come forth, child of Anequina!"
Envoy Cashia : "Khamira, do you accept the duties of the throne? Will you lead this kingdom and protect its people?"
Khamira : "I do and I will."
Envoy Cashia : "Know, then, that the Mane accepts and recognizes your claim. All hail Khamira, Queen of Anequina!"
Khamira : "I promise to serve our people. And I offer thanks to all who helped achieve our recent victories!"
Khamira : "Finally, there is one I wish to honor. One whose assistance in these matters was unprecedented and invaluable."
Queen Khamira : "Five-claw, my comrade and friend, please … approach the throne."

Speak to her after the ceremony and she'll say:

"Thank you for helping to restore the bloodline of Anequina, walker. It is good to see a Khajiit once again on the throne of Rimmen.
Cashia apologizes for all the formality, but she had to be sure before she bestowed the Mane's blessing upon Khamira."