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Home City Rimmen
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Eljhan is a Khajiit found in Rimmen. He is part of a gang of criminals that are searching for Jakarn when you first meet him. He and his partner Ak'an are lead by the criminal Tu'heiba. Eljhan is known to be "moon-touched", or a moon sugar addict, which gives him his jittery demeanor.

Related Quests[edit]



After you encounter Jakarn in Rimmen, Eljhan will appear along side his cohort, Ak'an. If you speak to him, he'll only say, "Scrawny! Stringy! Will … will cut his ears off! Cut, cut, cut!" apparently in regards to Jakarn.

Darkpool Mine[edit]

Arrive at Darkpool Mine, and Tu'heiba and the gang will be waiting. Speak to him before speaking to Tu'heiba, and he'll say:

"Jakarn! Where Jakarn? Stupid Breton! No tails to bite! None!"

Speak to him after and he'll say:

"Tail! Where is Eljhan's—? There it is! Stupid tail! Stupid!"

Speak to him after returning from the mine and he'll say:

"Stink! You stink like oil! Get, or I bite you! Bite, bite!"

Finally, speak to him after concluding with Tu'heiba and he'll say:

"Get away! Go, fancy-face, or I bite you! Go!"

The Stitches[edit]

Go to the terrace under the Goiter's Gulp and Tu'heiba and her gang will be waiting:

"Ak'an says you don't need biting. Fine. That's fine. If you find any sugar, bring it back, yes? Or I bite you!"

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