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Corentin Clavarie
Home Settlement Belkarth
Location Daggerfall
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Corentin Clavarie

Corentin Clavarie is a Breton found at Belkarth Bazaar in Belkarth, Craglorn. He is not interactable, but you can see him talking to Tips-the-Scales:

Tips-the-Scales: "Look, I have this necklace and these rings. They have to be worth something."
Corentin Clavarie: "Get in line. Half the patricians of Elinhir came to Belkarth to sell their valuables. It must be pretty bad over there."
Tips-the-Scales: "Pretty bad? The hedge mages have destroyed most of the city!"
Corentin Clavarie: "Well, I can't give you anything for these."
Tips-the-Scales: "No, listen, My family is well-respected in Stormhaven. I can get you lots of valuables. I just need to get out of Craglorn!"
Corentin Clavarie: "I hear the Gold Coast Trading Company needs caravan guards."
Tips-the-Scales: "Don't you have any heart at all?"
Corentin Clavarie: "You want to cry me a river? Go ahead. Maybe you can float out of Craglorn."