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Accept and carry out your first contract on behalf of the Dark Brotherhood.
Faction: Dark Brotherhood
Quest Giver: Elam Drals
Location(s): Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Kvatch
Prerequisite Quest: Welcome Home
Next Quest: Repeatable Dark Brotherhood Contracts
A Lesson in Silence
Reward: 302 Gold
Dark Brotherhood Reward Satchel
10 Dark Brotherhood RepReputation
XP Gain: Standard
I agreed to be initiated into the ways of the Dark Brotherhood's murder-for-hire contracts. There are no stipulations regarding methods or timing, so I may execute the target at my discretion.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Elam Drals inside the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and accept your contract.
  2. Travel to Kvatch.
  3. Identify your target and eliminate them.
  4. Return to Elam Drals at the Sanctuary.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

You will receive the first contract directly from Elam Drals after you have completed Welcome Home. This quest serves as an introduction to the contracts and is not repeatable.

When you talk to Elam, he will say "Typically, you'll consult the ledger, "Marked for Death," but I've handpicked something special for your first job."

Who do I have to kill?
"Travel to the city of Kvatch, identify the target listed on this contract, then eliminate them. I encourage you to practice with the Blade of Woe, but as long as the target dies, it doesn't really matter how you kill them.
Can you manage that?"
I'll return when my target is dead.

Among your possible targets in Kvatch are Humius Arquitius, Cania Varian, Ganna Falvius and Mirarkier.

When you have fulfilled the contract and return to Elam Drals, he will say, "You're back, I see. How could I not? You're standing in my light. So tell me. How did you do?"

I completed my first contract.
"Well, good for you. But don't get too full of your accomplishments just yet. That was a fairly easy contract I started you with.
Come back when you're ready for more. If the Speaker or the Matron give an order, though, that takes priority."

You have now unlocked repeatable contracts which can be accepted from the Marked to Death board near Elam Drals. These quests are repeatable immediately.

Quest Stages[edit]

Contract: Kvatch
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I must locate my target in Kvatch.
Objective: Go to Kvatch
I identified my target. I'll make the kill at the first opportunity.
Objective: Kill <target>
☑Finishes quest My target is dead. I should report my success to Elam Drals in the Sanctuary.
Objective: Return to Elam Drals