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Seek vengeance for the lone survivor of a Dominion massacre.
Zone: Shadowfen
Quest Giver: Prowls-in-Stealth
Location(s): Camp Merciful Reduction
Concurrent Quest: The Tree-Minder's Fate
Reward: Fen Dancer's Poleyns
Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 1593 XP
A Wamasu consumes Maldur's heart
The Dominion slaughtered the Argonians living in a small hamlet in Shadowfen. Only one remains alive to take his vengeance.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Talk to Prowls-in-Stealth.
  2. Burn Maldur's banners.
  3. Kill Maldur and cut out his heart.
  4. Return to Prowls-in-Stealth.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

You can find Prowls-in-Stealth hiding between Forsaken Hamlet and Camp Merciful Reduction, the Aldmeri Dominion military outpost established to the hamlet's north. When approached, Prowls will say, "Shh. Don't attract their attention." Speak to him:

"Come here. Quietly, please."
Who are you? What are you doing here?
"While I was hunting, the Dominion killed my family and friends. These warm-bloods must die! They've turned this place into a forsaken hamlet!
I can pick off their scouts, but their leader, who deserves death most of all, is too strong for me."
Who's their leader?
"He's the sadist who slaughtered innocents and hatchlings. They call him Maldur. I've seen his filthy banner over their camp.
Burn his banner. Defile his camp. He's too proud to ignore an insult. Cut out his heart, if he has one, and bring it to me."
I'll get that heart.

You'll find Maldur's banner hanging from a post in the middle of the camp's northwestern clearing. Approach it and interact with it to burn it. Doing so will indeed attract Maldur's attention: he'll rush forward, indignantly crying out, '""How dare you? Death for your insolence!"

As you start to damage Maldur, his healer, Aza, will appear, yelling, "You can't kill the commander, filth!" Aza is an excellent healer and can easily keep Maldur alive, but she's less able to defend herself. Killing her will give you the opening you need to kill Maldur.

Once both Dominion personnel are dead, loot Maldur's body and take his heart. Return to Prowls-in-Stealth and speak to him:

"I heard the alarms from the Dominion camp. Is the butcher dead?"
I've got Maldur's heart.
"Ah, yes! This will help my egg-brothers and egg-sisters rest in peace!"
What are you going to do with it?
"Follow me. You'll see."

Follow Prowls. He'll head toward a swamp and throw the heart out toward the waters. As he does, a wamasu will leap from the right, catch the heart in its teeth, and dart out to the left. Speak to Prowls again to complete the quest:

"Beautiful, wasn't it? Maldur wanted to consume the power of the Hist, but instead he was consumed."
I suppose it was a fitting end.
"I have a reward for you. It isn't much, but I stole this from their camp. It's yours.
Now to make the rest of these invaders suffer."

Quest Stages[edit]

Cold-Blooded Revenge
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Prowls-in-Stealth thinks burning Maldur's banner is the best way to get his attention. I agreed to do it. If I fight him one-on-one, his heart will be in my hands in no time.
Objective: Kill Maldur
Objective: Get Maldur's Heart
Objective Hint: Burn Maldur's Banner to Challenge Maldur
I have Maldur's heart, as Prowls-in-Stealth requested. I need to find him at the swamp's edge below the Dominion's southeastern camp.
Objective: Talk to Prowls-in-Stealth at the Swamp's Edge
☑Finishes quest With the Dominion's leader dead, perhaps Prowls-in-Stealth can find some peace.
Objective: Talk to Prowls-in-Stealth